Hello and welcome to the Sriram’s Portfolio Show!

Exactly about a year ago or to be precise 366 days ago on 8th January 2017 I have given 17 stocks to invest to earn minimum 17% returns. In the last Tuesday post, I have given the report card of those 17 stocks and the average returns of the portfolio were seen at 74%. Which means the portfolio was able to make 4.35 times of promised 17% returns. Well, its history now and time to talk about future.

Future is here, and India’s growth is clear!

Today am ready with 18 stocks in 2018 which will give you 18% returns and 2% extra to pay off your brokerage charges. So, overall the list of 18 stocks I am going to give will ripe 20% profits by end of the year 2018. Stocks are attached as picture to this post. Following are the stocks and their targets.

  1. Indo Count – A textile company which is weaving growth for 25 years and continuing strongly. Stock Price 125                         Target Price 150


  1. Gujarat Minerals – Major Lignite mineral supplier in the country hailing from Ahmedabad.

Stock Price 168                  Target 198

  1. Jet Airways – Flying high since last year and will continue to do so!

Stock Price 837                  Target 1010

  1. Escorts – The Farmer’s Choice!

Stock Price 795                  Target 945

  1. Reliance Capital – Anil Ambani’s Capital is up for Big returns!

Stock Price 604                  Target 720

  1. Yes Bank – Only one word and that is ‘YES’

Stock Price 340                  Target 405

  1. PFC – The Backbone for the growth of India’s power sector!

Stock Price 126                  Target 152

  1. Heidelberg Cements – A public limited company established under Germans and is growing big!

Stock Price 164                  Target 197

  1. Ambuja Cements – Asia’s biggest cement producing company is up for returns!

Stock Price 277                  Target 335

  1. Jindal Steel – Any cement company is useless without the Steel and its Jindal Steel!

Stock Price 248                  Target 290

  1. Infosys – Salil Parekh is up for rescue and bring back the glory!

Stock Price 1041                Target 1250

  1. Bata – Tera shoe Batha – Haan BATA hai!

Stock Price 745                  Target 880

  1. Dabur – If any Ayurveda is to be believed then believe in Dabur.

Stock Price 360                  Target 433

  1. Voltas – Now you complain of cool climate but very you soon you run behind Voltas!

Stock Price 648                  Target 778

  1. MRPL – ONGC’s obedient child is up for knocking big this time!

Stock Price 132                  Target 157

  1. Reliance Industries – One of the most important stock in India’s Stock Market growth!

Stock Price 940                  Target 1128

  1. Airtel – Though its colored red it’s the evergreen telecom company!

Stock Price 510                  Target 602

  1. Granules India – Apna Hyderbadi patta!

Stock Price 140                  Target 168

Just invest, relax and look at your portfolio when the targets are achieved!! Reap the profits, Keep investing!!!