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India’s Revenge for the Pulwama Attacks!

13 days is all that it took India to inflict revenge on Pakistan supported Terror Camps. It is indeed historic moment for India where every Indian is celebrating this emphatic achievement of the Indian Air Force. This is very special to us because India entered Pakistan crossing LoC for the first time since 1971 and eliminated as many as 300+ terrorists which included fidayeens and the Jaish-e-Mohammed commanders. We were successful to carry the strikes without any damage to the Indian Air Force. The Jets used in this attack were Mirage 2000. The total 12 Jets which flew over the LoC and attacked the terror camps in LoC as well as mainland Pakistan.

It was an early morning mission like the Uri Surgical Strikes and was not as easy it sounds. For the protection of the 12 Jets, there was a Drone and a security Jet which was taking the lead to clear the space for the Air Force to enter the Terror areas. In flat 21 minutes, the jets pounded 3 locations destroying the terror camps and along with it around 300 terrorists hiding there. The army’s puppet PM Imran Khan says that Pakistan will retaliate and like kids they are attacking by violating the ceasefire along LoC. Dear Imran Khan, this isn’t a cricket match nor this is India which is old. This is a changed India and under the leadership of our PM Modi, we have gone too far from your reach. The only way that you can make peace with us is by stopping funding of the terrorists and giving a proper governance so that people don’t turn into terrorism.

It’s not just an attack, it’s the revenge for the 40 CRPF Jawaans who were Martyred by the Cowards of Jaish. We are always proud of our Army and we know how to fight the real battle and don’t indulge in something like cross border firing, Suicide Bombing and Terror attacks. You better get this straight into your head. India doesn’t have any kind of hatred for the people of Pakistan, definitely not, but with these Terrorists who have been creating massive damage by taking the lives of the innocent, India can never forgive them. Every Indian was furious, fuming with anger when the Pulwama Attack happened. We have already hit on the Websites of yours by our Cyber Power, and it’s not the Army but normal Citizens of India. You can’t even guess what can happen if the Army starts to Hack your Systems. Of course, we did hack your systems which is why your brothers (terrorists) are on their way to 72 Virgins.

The Mirage 2000 which attacked the Balakot area.

Just for facts, India was angry after 2001 Parliament Attack, India was facing the pain of 100 swords after the Mumbai Attacks but the Govt of the Day wanted to handle with peace and we were respecting the Govt taking the pain and living with it. But the time is up for your cowardly attacks and for every wrong step you take, we shall make sure that you will regret the acts committed. I wish to see peace but only after resolving problems. Those who want peace, please stop eating Non-Veg, killing insects etc etc; Violence is the order for the day and India doesn’t start it but we always end it.

Agar aur Izaat gavana chahteho toh aao kabhi Border pey, warna invitation ke bina Ghar me Ghus ke Maarenge!

Always India! Violence, Peace or anything, it’s always INDIA! #JaiHind #JaiBharat #JaiJawaan #VijayiBharat