I had Written 66 to 70 in the list of Top 70. I will move 5 more places up today and talk about my list of 65 to 61. Here is the list.

65. Yash Pal – At 65th position is the scientist, communicator and institution builder Dr. Yash Pal. He is known for his study on cosmic rays and was the reason for bringing in so much aura in the field of both science and education. His greatest contribution to India is the setting up of UGC and as the chairman of the UGC he was instrumental in bringing in research and development to the institutions and strengthening the education system. He also proposed an idea where he wanted all colleges and universities to be shut for one year so that both students and teachers would explore country and derive knowledge. He is the person who is responsible and fought for elimination of private universities and succeed in it. Dr. Yash Pal aged 90 passed away last month on 24th July.


64. Uday Kotak – A Self-made Business Man that India has seen in 21st century. Kotak was born to an upper middle-class family and was very good in math in his education days. Uday Kotak turned business man right after his post-graduation when the thought process of interest rates stuck his mind. He understood that banks give 6% to depositors and charge 16% for loans. This played on his mind and that gave rise to a small finance company formed by him funded by family and friends. Slowly he built his empire in Financial sector with help from Anand Mahindra and now Kotak from a small finance company is into Stock Broking, Investments, Banking, Insurance and Mutual Funds. Kotak is the first private bank that got a license from RBI which belong to the business family. Today Kotak bank is at the forefront of Indian banking system showing the way for many more to tread the path. A true leader and a reformer of 21st century modern India occupying the 64th position.

63. Ustad Bismillah Khan – ‘Shehnai Maestro’ Shehnai a musical instrument which was more permitted to wedding and other family events was for the first time invited by Jawaharlal Nehru to perform at Red Fort on the eve of Indian Independence Day. That gave the rise to Shehnai Culture in India where many started doing concerts using Shehnai. He lived an exemplary life where he did not differentiate on any religion and was living a simple lifestyle. His music that is Shehnai will make you all feel the right music. He quotes ‘Music can never die because It doesn’t have any caste’. Even today people of 60s and 70s fondly remember how Ustaad played shehnai every year after the flag hoisting at Red fort. He is deeply connected to the soil and is the integral part of the idea of India.

62. Vinobha Bhave – Vinobha Bhave is one of that few Indians who has seen India who made a difference before and after freedom movement. Born in the year 1895 Vinobha Bhave is considered as the National Teacher of India and successor of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the first person to be selected as Satyagraha Follower started by Mahatma Gandhi. Talking about him one can never forget the famous movement that he carried on for years called as Bhudaan Movement. This movement brought cheers in lakhs of villagers who were getting crushed by Zamindari System. In his late 60’s in 1951 he started travelling all over India on a Bullock Cart embarking upon his “Bhudaan” movement. Bhudaan is a program where Vinobha Bhave travelled from village to village and persuaded zamindars to give up a portion of their land and got the Lands transferred to the villagers. He travelled the length and breadth of the country and he truly gave independence to millions of agricultural labourers by gifting them lands. We also see a university named on him Vinobha Bhave university in Jharkhand. He is 62nd in my list of 70 great Indians.

61. CV Raman – Everyone of us would have heard of this great man Sir CV Raman. He is a household name in the World of Physics across the World and had bagged Nobel Prize in Physics for what is called as “Raman Effect”. Raman effect clearly demonstrated the light and how blue as a color of maximum reflection fills the light and colorless objects. He explained to the World the illusionary effects of blue sky and blue oceans. Sky is white, which is the combination of VIBGYOR colors. Since Blue reflects widely that is one color which appears giving an illusionary effect that sky is blue. Same is the case of Oceans, which have water which is colorless because of reflection appears blue. Raman is 61st in my list of Top 70!