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India will enter 21 days lockdown all through the country in the next few mins.

It all started with a lockdown in few states starting the 15th of March. Lockdown got extended from 22nd March when PM Modi called for a Janata Curfew which was indeed a very successful one. People came out to their balconies at 5 PM and in their own style thanked the Doctors, Police and others involved in fighting this deadly virus.

While the growing threat called for stringent actions from the authorities, people don’t want to take it seriously. Even after a continuous request from Govt and Doctors people are still venturing out and making it difficult for the Indian Govt to control the virus. Already we have 4 lakh plus positive coronavirus cases worldwide. Almost 20,000 have died due to this virus.

The rate of active cases getting recovered is much slower than compared to new positive cases being added. India at present has 519 active cases with Maharashtra and Kerala recording the highest cases. Cases have seen a sharp increase in the last 3 days with 250+ cases getting added. This rate if we don’t control we will be going in the direction of Italy or Iran. Italy has more than 60,000 cases with close to 7,000 deaths. This is not at all required for India.

If god forbid such a situation hits India, it’s gonna be the worst ever a time for our country.

It is because countries like Italy and the USA who have the best health care system are also unable to control this pandemic. We all know where our health care system stands are in comparison to foreign countries. So should we invite the danger or send it away by sitting right in our homes.

It’s not a war where you are asked to join the army and fight your enemy. Here the enemy is a virus, which has no vaccine, no shape and unbeatable as of now. Till the time the authorities ask us, we need to keep ourselves safe. Coronavirus might not be a deadly virus, 80% of the population has the immunity to kill the virus even after getting infected.

Image result for modi on coronaStill, it has got the power to kill older people and that’s not at all a good thing. It can actually clear off a complete generation. I suppose the entire generation of people get infected and die. That’s going to be a disastrous situation for any country. This is why Govt has pleaded, requested and now they have come to the level of attacking those who don’t follow the rules.

As told by PM Modi and the state CM’s all the essential commodities will be taken care and there won’t be any kind of problems with that. It’s a difficult time for the country and as a responsible citizen. All that we need to do is to follow our leaders and give them less headache. We don’t want to chase death right? So stay home and stay safe.

They say you need 21 days to inculcate a habit, may I take this opportunity to inform you that here are your 21 days. The habit you need to inculcate is also written on the walls. It’s reading and writing. Go back to school days, imagine older days, write your fancies, read your favourites. Make most of these 21 days and when you step out of your home after this crisis, become much wiser and intellectual!