Independence Day 2017!

Let me start off with voice of Mahatma Gandhi:

He said “From tomorrow [15th August] we shall be delivered from the bondage of the British rule. But from midnight today, India will be partitioned too. While, therefore, tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing, it will be a day of sorrow as well. It will throw a heavy burden of responsibility upon us. Let us pray to God that He may give us strength to bear it ….”

Let me wish you a very Happy 71st Independence Day to each and every Indian spread across the globe. At the stroke of the midnight hour on 15th August Friday 1947 we have become a country free from British Rule, agony that Indian and Indians were facing for almost 200 years came to an end. This Day brought New Cheer, New Smile, New Belief, New face and in total a New India. From that day onwards with every passing year we Indians worked for the development of the country in all the ways possible to make ourselves rich and successful.

Now we celebrate 71st Independence Day !

With a hope and belief to see bigger growth and change in the country by next Independence Day! All those 70 years we struggled more than what we have done for our freedom. This time the pain was much deeper as it was to build New India. A country which is as big as 29 states and constitutes 1.3 billion population with so many customs and traditions. We are now one of the most important country that is delivering and motivating its younger generation to perform and give out their best.

I started my day by Watching the Prime Minister’s speech at Red Fort after hoisting the Tri Color. The speech was inspiring as Prime Minister Narendra Modi always praises the Young India. He firmly believes that Indians between 18-25 years can take India to newer Heights. I would want to do my bit to build New India and that would start it from right here. My bit is to tell you the stories of 70 most important personalities over the years who have been amazing and were part of India’s 70-year Journey and inspiring many youngsters not just in India but all over the world. I will rank these 70 personalities and will tell you why they are great and how they shaped this great nation. This ranking is my perception and would be based on the in depth study that I will undertake.

It is very intense research based study that I will carry on and I am sure this will bring out some excellent insights into lives of unknown and known people building India since last 70 years. So wait for my next post as I put out the ranks 61 to 70 of personalities who shaped up this great nation.

This countdown I intend to take it and culminate with the Top 10 on Gandhi Jayanthi day! Once again wishing you all a happy Independence day….. Jai Hind!!!

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