One side of the coin, here comes the story that you want to listen as an Indian.

What a beautiful day… India celebrated Republic Day like every year, the 72nd. The spirit of Armed forces, the several cultures of India and the outstanding aerial performances of Air Force were all part of the show. Once again, the importance of the constitution was remembered by Indians all through the country. Was moving in the Hyderabad streets in the morning and could see flag hoisting every 30-40 metres on the main road. Offices, schools, hospitals and even temples celebrated our constitution. It filled my heart with immense pride and satisfaction to see the number of people celebrating Republic Day with the highest involvement.
In Delhi, at Rajpath, the Tri-color was unfurled. President Ram Nath Kovind, VP Venkaiah Naidu, PM Modi and ministers were present at the Republic Day Parade. Undoubtedly the unfurling of the Indian flag and the playing of national anthem gives ultimate goosebumps. Then, I personally always look forward to tableaux presentation by Indian states. Of course, the Armed forces performances can never be compared to any other performances.
But the tableaus represent the states and their glamour. That way I see nothing wrong in comparing them and rating them. This year, a total of 32 tableaux were displayed. 17 out of these tableaux were of states and union territories, while the rest were of the central ministries and departments.

So, let me first give you my thoughts on who’s tableau was the best…

• Ladakh: The first one for the day was from Ladakh. Ladakh made it’s debut today and it was the display of the culture & communal harmony, arts, culture, relations, peace, etc from the Ladakh. In my view Ladakh’s debut was brilliant and the subject perfectly matched what Ladakh belongs too.
republic Day 2021 Live Updates: Republic Day Parade Live Streaming, Flag  Hoisting, PM Modi Speech, Chief Guests, Republic Day State Jhanki 2021, Republic  Day Celebrations Live | The Financial Express
• Uttar Pradesh: Unbeatable. Ayodhya made its first appearance today. Yes, the to be constructed Ram’s Temple the theme ‘Ayodhya: Cultural Heritage of Uttar Pradesh’, was displaying Ram Mandir. It showcased the lighting of millions of lamps that happened on Diwali day.
• Uttarakhand: The state of Uttarakhand presented its tableau with the theme Kedarkhand. As a Hindu, the tableau inspired me. It was chosen as a subject to promote tourism and of course the land of lords.
While these are top three, just after them is the state of Chattisgarh especially for the music and the dance. You can say that I was memorized by the tribal dance show by Chattisgarh.
Republic Day parade: Entry only with invitation card or ticket

Another side of the coin, here comes the story that you want to regret listening as Indian.

Half of the post is done; half the day is gone on the 72nd Republic Day. Everything was absolutely fine. But then came the unacceptable misery. An unthinkable act by the farmers of the country. Well, maybe I should rethink on whether to call these protestors farmer’s or hooligans. Those who were involved in the practice of violence.
Who are farmers? The farmers are those who are sensible, patriotic, nationalistic, selfless, the ones who work tirelessly for filling stomachs of the crores of Indians. That’s the definition and the outlook that farmers were carrying till today.
But today, the picture changed. Farmers were aggressive, repulsive, insensible, irrational and violent. Maybe I would’ve never accepted if someone latterly defines farmers. Even now I do have doubts who were those ‘Gundas’ and ‘Hooligans’ in the guise of farmers, who hurled stones, threw rods, used tractors as tanks and hit the police personnel.
In Pics | Farmers' Protest Rally On Republic Day 2021
Oh yes, they didn’t even leave the journalists. Oh! wait a minute, that’s not it. They didn’t stop there; the same so-called farmers went to clash with the police at Red Fort and unfurled religious flags in place of Indian National Flag. Can you imagine someone climbing and unfurling a religious flag in the place of Tri-color? Surely not. But it did happen.
The Delhi Police though can be blamed for being too slow. They were only silently trying to control the protests. They were shocked in the morning itself where the protestors broke the barricades and started the rally much before accepted time. Not just that, a few hours later, farmer rally took different routes even after multiple attempts made by Police.
While all this was happening, in an unfortunate incident one of the protestors was killed due to tractor overturning. What was the real reason? The tractor driver was too rash and tractor overturned killing him instantly. What was made up reason? The tractor driver was shot by an unknown attacker, most probably the policemen. Who were these fake news peddlers? The liberals, the leftists. Yes, the Kisan unions were always blaming outsiders for violence. But the issue is who is to be blamed?
Can the leftists come forward and apologize for the fake drama that they created? While the reason for the protest is now with the Supreme Court and the Court will take its own time to decide its fate. But then, what happened today is unpardonable and a blot on India.