India – A Super Power and The Vision of Akhand Bharat a reality after Post Pandemic World?

India, as we know, is the country of multi customs and traditions. We are a country with 28 states bordering Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Bhutan and Burma. But India’s land in the 1850s was entirely different. All these countries I had mentioned along with Afghanistan and Part of China, which is Tibet were all part of Akhand Bharat.

Due to Wars, forceful captures and other reasons India kept losing its land. Cut short, in today’s India, 1 in 100 Indians wouldn’t be able to understand the term, Akhand Bharat. Which is why I have myself explored this topic and I am here to write about the Vision of Akhand Bharat. It’s the Vision of some Indians today but it was a reality and the vision was laid by none other than the greatest teachers born in India, Kautilya is famously known as Chanakya.

We were a superpower in the world, India’s land area was half of today’s Asian Continent’s land till 1850. Come 1876 Afghanistan became a separate province under British rule on the community grounds. Late Afghanistan got free from British rule in the year 1919. Next country to get out of India’s map was Tibet. The story of Tibet is a painful one with China invading Tibet and taking over the control. The irony is Tibetans even after long 70 years of forceful Chinese ruling believe that they are a separate nation.

The major portion of Akhand Bharat got separated by then leaving bordering countries with us.

Then came the freedom struggle and Indian freedom fighters after a long fight brought freedom for India but that dream of togetherness was short-lived after the partition was based on religions. This brought down India’s land area. The vision that Chanakya laid, the plan to become the superpower in the World couldn’t last long. While there are lakhs of people who are still wanting to see an Akhand Bharat.

Is Akhand Bharat theoretically impossible, especially so after the implementation of CAA. So, then should the dream of Akhand Bharat die?

The vision of Akhand Bharat by Chanakya was to make ensure Europeans won’t conquer our land. The land of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism as prominent religions teaching peace and harmony to the World. Chanakya’s strategies are still given importance and learnt by people across the world. Chanakya has written Arthashastra which deals with the economy and political strategy. A must-read for those wanting to be leaders and economists.

India to Akhand Bharat after COVID-19?

India and Akhand Bharat in 2020 is a distant dream. Due to nationalism deeply rooted in almost all countries. Except for Nepal, I don’t see a literal land merging of any other country. Frankly, I would want to see Nepal merging with India. Because there’s a lot common with Nepal, India & present Indian govt. Two because the diagram or map would no more show India shoulder less. Still, the chances are too less as of now.

Coming to the point, when I write Akhand Bharat, it’s not about merging of land, rather it’s about sharing of land & resources. In the current scenario, COVID-19 has hit every individual no matter any community, class, creed and sex.

Countries are about to release worst ever GDP reports and companies will report the highest ever losses. We will see an economic shock. Economists predict the Great Depression kind of atmosphere to return. Poor people will suffer the most and the biggest problem would be the most basic needs like Food and Shelter.

In such situations, the Akhand Bharat is not the merging of the land but the joint agreements to serve humanity and save humanity.

That’s the only way we can take our human race forward. We will face many hurdles in this, already our relations with Pakistan are at the peaks of rivalry. It’s more like a fight between two parties than two countries. Such is the involvement of the Pakistan Govt in every Indian event. India along with other countries will face the risk of potential damages like terrorism, forceful capture of land and sabotage.

China’s negligence or intelligence, whatever might be the reason for the pandemic, countries from every part of the world are disappointed and sending bills to China for losses. Things ahead are worse for China and good for India, we need to grab this opportunity with both hands.

The present scenario is the most possible one for India to become a Super Power in South Asia and then slowly turn to the World. But with the evil energies right next to us, it’s quite an impossible task for India. Whether it is with Akhand Bharat or without, India will be a superpower and we are well on course to achieve it.

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