Guna Milan-Horoscope Matching- Kundali Matching-Most Important aspect for Marriage

Last Tuesday, I talked about how easily you can keep a muhurta for marriage, just by having a Calendar at home.

In this week’s Tuesday post am going to touch upon the topic of Horoscope matching between boy and girl. There are many software’s available on internet that can match the horoscope. Don’t go by them. There are many other things you need to take care of. For example, if you have more than 18 gunas matching out of 36, we say that the marriage is permissible. It’s not like that. There are other things also we need to take care. You will understand them only, if you know them. Am going to tell you the simple way of understanding these 36 gunas.

8 Koota’s
  1. Varna – 1 point – Looks into Work Life
  2. Vashya – 2 points – Dominance level of Husband over Wife
  3. Tara – 3 points – Destiny
  4. Yoni – 4 points – Sexual Compatibility
  5. Graha Maitri – 5 points – General Compatibility
  6. Gana – 6 points – Characteristics of two people
  7. Bhakoot – 7 points – Love and Intimacy
  8. Nadi – 8 points – Health and Children

For example, let’s take a case of a couple where 28 out of 36 gunas match that means except Nadi. You will think that since 28 is 10 points higher than required 18, you can go ahead with the marriage. Everything in the marriage will be just fine. But since Nadi is not matching there is a dosha and because of that the couple won’t have children. This is a very big mistake which many people make and this should be avoided. So, lets understand each of these 8 kootas briefly.

Varna – Decides the work and has just 1 point

Varna is the first Koota that describes the Guna of the individual. There are four of them. Of the 12 Zodiac signs, 3 each are part of one Guna. Below is the list given.

  1. Brahmin – Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
  2. Kshatriya – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
  3. Vaishya – Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn
  4. Shudra – Gemini, Aquarius and Libra

To get the one point the Bride and Groom should be from the same Guna only then they will get available 1 point otherwise it will be 0.

Vashya – Control of Husband over Wife

Vashya takes the individuals and connects them to the nature. Nature has got different living beings starting from insects to human. In this Koota all those are divided into 12 zodiac signs and are attached points as per the combinations. So, we need to look at the Bride and Groom’s sign and match them.

  1. Chetuspad Four leg Animal                – Born Aries and Taurus
  2. Dwipad Two legs/Human             – Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Aquarius
  3. Jalachar Lives in water                   – Pisces, Capricorn or Cancer
  4. Vanachar Lives in Jungle                   – Leo
  5. Keet Insects                                – Scorpio
  • Chestuspad with Chestuspad will give 2 points
  • Dwipad with Dwipad will give 2 Points
  • Jalachar with Jalachar 2 points
  • Vanachar with Vanachar 2 points
  • Keet with Keet 2 points
  • Chetuspad with Keet and Jalachar will give 1 point
  • Jalachar with Vanachar, Dwipad and Chestuspad will give 1 point
  • Vanachar with Jalachar will give 1 point
  • Keet with all the other four will give 1 point
  • Other combinations will give 0 points
Taara – Nakshatra

From here starts the important Koota’s. Taara means Nakshatra and it has got 3 points. You have to look into the Nakshatra’s of both the Bride and Groom and match them as per the table.

Yoni – Sexual Compatibility

This is an important koota that measures the sexual compatibility of the couple. With maximum points at 4 and minimum at 0. In the Yoni table we will have the names of different animals and each of them have the points. Yoni of an individual can be found out by using a Panchang where as per the Raashi of an Individual the Yoni’s are given. Maximum points are 4 which is possible only when bot the Yoni’s are same.

Graha Maitri – Very important as it looks at the understanding between the Couple

Graha Maitri looks into the connection that the couple shares and their approach. If the Graha Maitri is good the Family will run very smoothly and people in the family will have peace of mind. In this you look into the Moon Signs of both the Girl and Boy and then match them as per the table given. Maximum of 5 points is what you get when both the moon signs match. Here anything less than 3 should not be considered for marriage.

Gana – Gana is the next most important Koota.

There are three types of Gana. Deva Gana, Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana. You can look into any Panchang to know the Gana of your rashi. Below is the list of Gana Milan point combinations. Maximum points are 6.

  1. Deva Gana Boy – Deva Gana Girl – 6 points
  2. Manushya Gana Boy – Manushya Gana Girl – 6 points
  3. Rakshasa Gana Boy – Rakshasa Gana Girl – 6 points
  4. Deva Gana Boy to Manava Gana Girl – 6
  5. Manava Gana Boy to Deva Gana Girl – 5
  6. Deva Gana Girl to Rakshaha Gana Boy – 0
  7. Manava Gana Girl to Rakshasa Gana Boy– 3
  8. Rakshasa Girl to Manava Boy – 0

If there is a gana matching of less than 3 such marriage should be avoided as it leads to frequent quarrels between husband and wife.

Bhakoot – 7 points – Love and Intimacy

Love here indicates the care that couple have for each other after the marriage. It is shown in the chart where either you get 7 points or zero points. Nothing is in-between. So, Zero Bhakoot matches should be avoided. If at all you want to still go ahead than the girl should be a giver and should have a sacrificing attitude. Then only it can be considered.

Nadi – 8 points Children and Children’s Health

Nadi is the most crucial aspect and has got 8 points to give. If there is No Nadi then the marriage should not happen. By the time you reach 8th Koota the couple might have reached 25 points but if this Nadi doesn’t hit points and is zero then its going to be a very difficult marriage. It may even be a beautiful marriage but their won’t be children.

  • Adi Nadi – Beginning
  • Madhya Nadi – Middle
  • Antya Nadi – End

As I have already explained before, if Nadi is not matching then there will be many health-related issues and issues regarding children also might arise.

Apart from this, there is another thing called Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha which scares many people and girl usually don’t get married because of this. There are many myths surrounding this Kuja dosha and I will simplify it for you in my next post.

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