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What would happen if your mobile phone starts complaining that you are straining it too much by using it continuously? You would not believe that such a thing can ever happen. But is it possible that one day all the gadgets suddenly stop listening to our command and stop functioning? Of course when there is a technical glitch these things do happen, but can a Gadget stop on its own and reject your command?

Sounds funny and we all know it’s a highly impossible thing even to think. In the same way, what would happen if Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Trees and every other natural thing around you go on a vacation mode and stop appearing? Unimaginable and stupid thing to think of right! It would simply never happen until or unless it’s a doomsday (the last day of word’s existence). The important here to understand is the choice we enjoy against no choice nature holds. Human Being is the only living being who has got the power of extreme and logical thinking. But are we doing more bad than good with this special power of thinking?

Maybe yes. According to the report by the World Health Organization, India ranks 117th in the list of laziest nations. The higher the rank, the lazier the nation is. Laziness is the major trait in a human which in turn makes them ignorant, inefficient, arrogant and whatnot. Apart from laziness, Humans have got the choice of doing or not doing anything. This is more worrying than welcoming. Of course, it’s again the wise vs fools debate. Wise use their choice well but fools only depending on jumping up to every choice available.

Let us say if there is no choice for a human being. How would the life of mankind be? Sure, you must be raising your eyebrows and thinking, “Don’t I have the right of choosing what I want?” That is exactly the problem. The person who is involved in the work that he or she is doing is never bothered about their rights. He is more bothered about the task at hand and the results that he needs to achieve.

While in college or school, many people think that this is not possible for me and I can’t do. It. Many are scared of some specific subjects like Math or biology. People who are grown up and working are no better. They give an excuse of politics, salary, work pressure and every possible reason to get away from any difficult task that they are assigned with. They run away from that situation but after a while, they land up in a similar situation again, but in a different place. That’s life!!!

Now here is the solution: What if, we stick to our goals and make all possible changes when encountered with a setback? Any kind of goal is not easy to achieve and requires a lot of effort and patience to achieve. We cannot set a deadline, can’t weigh the work but all we can do is continuously work towards the goals with no amount of deviation.

We have two big news breaking since morning. One being the Café Coffee Day founder Siddhartha writes a letter and goes missing. Second, is the famous Triple Talaq Bill getting passed in Rajya Sabha. VG Siddhartha’s case is the case of Giving up, completely understand the situation of him but there is no end to problems and no end to solutions. He writes that he has tried all he can and has given up. Not lazy, not arrogant but still gives up. Doesn’t it seem like a matter of choice?

Triple Talaq first came into light in the year 1986 and since then it was still followed rampantly in India. Many Muslim Women started protests, campaigns against the Triple Talaq and asked for it be abolished. And guess, after years of struggle and reluctant efforts paved way for Bill getting passed and soon it shall be law.

These two are two different choices that people took. Hundreds of women fought for Triple Talaq bill and Govt also worked tirelessly for last 4 years to get the bill passed. This bill was rejected twice in Rajya Sabha before getting passed today. Success doesn’t come easy and those who give up never get success.

One has to have the spirit to fight back and see through the tough days. He should have the zeal and enthusiasm to learn from the mistakes and coming back with all the required vengeance to finish the task.

Finally, everyone has to remember this: TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST, BUT TOUGH MEN/WOMEN DO!