October 2nd 1869 – The greatest man to have walked this world in the 19th century was born named Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. It was in the year of 1906 at the age of 37, Gandhi took a decision, a dream to see India as a Free Nation. Gandhiji in the same year took up Brahmacharya and fought against the discrimination of the Black People in South Africa. His Satyagraha in Johannesburg was a successful one and brought equal rights to the blacks of South Africa.

1906 saw him grow into a different man. His philosophy had changed in one direction and that was to achieve freedom only by peace and nonviolence. His struggle for independence saw events like Quit India Movement, Non-cooperation Movement, Dandi March, Satyagraha and in numerous number of fasts for 21 days and more. All this is mostly the known things about Gandhiji which have brought freedom for our Bharat.

Even with all these activities around, fighting the both Britishers, fighting the Indians choosing the violent route, Gandhiji never forgot his Dharma of keeping the basic principles of life in place. Gandhiji always preached for basics like good food, good health and good surroundings.

Gandhiji was a person who believed in everything of the motherland. Starting from clothes, yoga, Ayurveda and food. He maintained a very saintly life with no desires and expectations. Live the life of a saint and was called ‘Mahatma’ by his followers. His followers included noble prize winners like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama and many more. Irony is he’s not been rewarded either with noble peace prize or a Bharat Ratna. Even if given, the saintly attitude of Mahatma Gandhi would’ve never accepted the awards or rewards.

All the change in Gandhiji’s life was not in his old age but in between 30s and 40s. We live in the 21st century where things are easy and technologically driven. For us to know Mahatma is a fingertip job but following him is a giant task. You ask me I would say a close to impossible task.

What Gandhiji wanted was never just freedom for the country. But a country with free souls, a clean climate, inspired youth and an energized youth. For us to fulfil the Gandhiji’s ideals, a simple task upon our head is to go more internal and not material. The moment we hit our internal self and start to know ourselves the journey towards ‘anything’ becomes smooth. But that’s possible only with immense control on emotions and desires.


There have been many inspiring schemes taken up by the Govt with a will to pay tributes to Gandhiji and make his 150th birth anniversary a special one. India will be declared a open defecation free country tomorrow and the next big step is to stop the usage of plastic. Many programs and series of promotional ads tell us the harm of using plastic.

Let’s take a pledge to eliminate the plastic usage and get onto the path laid by Mahatma Gandhi ji on his 150th Birth Anniversary.

Ending the post with a hope that you’ll begin with his favorite prayer

“वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये जे
पीड़ परायी जाणे रे”

“Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye je pida parayee jaane re”

(A person who understands God, feels the pain of others)

Know all about the “Satyagraha” in the image.