Equating a Man and a Woman is the biggest mistake that one can commit…

Equating a Man and a Woman is the biggest mistake that one can commit…

Yes, you read it right and I have no second thoughts about it. Why would one even dare to equate Man and Woman? Never do that, because by doing that, you are bringing together two unequal. No, it’s not that Men are a level above Women, but Women are levels higher than Men. A woman’s contribution to everything is always higher than the Man. It all starts with the birth of a child. While a Man’s contribution is till the moment a woman gets pregnant. A woman is all on her own to carry the baby for 9 months, go through an emotional period and deliver the baby with unbearable pain. But some of us are unfortunately trying to equate her with him. Isn’t it injustice?


Today, we are celebrating International Women’s Day. A day specially dedicated to the ‘Shakti’. We all get together with an intent to remember the women’s achievements across the world on this day. Women are blessed with special natural traits. One of them is to see things from different dimensions and have attention to detail. This is exactly what makes the woman multitalented and multi-skilled. Men have a habit of forgetting things but women have a habit of remembering. Like this, I can go on and write hundreds of words on the positives of the woman. Remember we address ‘nature’ as a mother.

In Indian Vedas, we address the rivers as ‘matha’.

There are tremendous achievements by women. Jumping into the Vedas, there are unbelievable characters like ‘Arundhathi, Sita, Renuka and Anasuya’. All these women from the Vedic history of India are remembered even today for multiple reasons. In the contemporary and the modern world, we have the personalities like Mother Teresa, Indira Gandhi, Jhansi Rani and others who have transformed the lives of women forever.

Like Arudhanti was as talented as great Rishi Vashishta, every woman has the power and right to be achieve something. We shouldn’t equate the success of a Woman to the success of a Man. A woman is way beyond the reach of Man’s day to day activities. Of course, there are negatives. Like there is saying that ‘for every war, the woman is the reason. This is because women think possessively and are protective of their people. Due to this characteristic of theirs, there are chances of disturbances. This is completely natural.

Whereas by trying to bring in the slogans of gender equality, the organisations are doing more damage than good to society. There has been an attempt made by a set of people to demean the job of a woman. They say a woman cannot be stuck for her whole life doing household chores. This is such a derogatory statement. Nobody will stop a woman from doing whatever she wants. She wants to study, let her.

If she wants to fly a plane, let her. She wants to fight elections, let her. Can a Man manage a house like a woman? 99% of men cannot. This is the ultimate truth. But by bringing in the argument of ‘stuck in four walls, we are equating the most difficult job in the world to ‘nothing’. Not wanting to sound very negative, but this concept of celebrating a day for women is again a western concept. Otherwise, in the Indian Vedic system, the mother and the female is celebrated on every occasion. Navratri is the oldest Vedic tradition where we celebrate feminine energy. Another example is the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

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We have some organizations and bodies which bat for Gender Equality. Who are we to bring equality when mother nature herself crafted inequalities? Can the United Nations and other organisations which run on the donated money change the script? Impossible…

The best thing is to leave the women to their choices.

By repeatedly telling the women that they are being shown the back door and Men are given the first preference, society is activating the negative side of the woman. Yes, there are negatives in the Men as well. But to derogate Men, put down Women, provoking them is not the right solution.

A wiser solution is to create awareness in the woman but not propagate the concept of equality. Simply educate the girls and leave the rest of things to themselves…

Happy Women’s Day to every Man and Woman who believes that ‘Women’ are stronger, more powerful and worthier than ‘Gender Equality’!!!

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