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Dushyant leaves Shakuntala and never meets her, until Shakuntala herself comes to Hastinapur

Dushyant leaves Kanva Maharshi Ashram and his wife Shakuntala and goes back to his Kingdom Hastinapur. He is a happy person after marrying his love and wants to quickly explain the situation to his mother and convince her. But he was welcomed by shocking news. ‘Your mother is dead’ said the minister, Dushyant is in disbelief. He forgets everything and just dips in the pain of losing Mother.

He keeps remembering Shakuntala, but he is not in a position to do anything. After all the rituals are finished, Raj Guru advises Dushyant to get married. He insists that the wedding should be to a princess of a Rich & famous Kingdom, only that can keep the prestige of the Raja Dushyant. While all this is getting discussed, Dushyant is helplessly sitting not able to open up about Shakuntala. He remains Silent forever…

Battling with inner feelings, Dushyant battles his enemies to keep Kingdom Safe

Learning that King Dushyant is mentally depressed, enemies plan attacks on Hastinapur. Dushyant gets into battle mode and defeats all the enemies trying to disturb the peace of Hastinapur. He remains victorious but defeated from inside. All this goes for 3-4 months and it gets much tougher for Dushyant to reveal his secret marriage to Shakuntala.

Back in Kanva Maharshi Ashram, Maharshi returns from his visit to foreign countries. He learns about Shakuntala’s wedding. Maharshi explains his stand on the marriage and tells Shakuntala to have checked with others before marriage, nevertheless, he accepts the union and wishes her good luck. Shakuntala accepts the wishes and tells Maharshi ‘Dushyant will be coming to take me soon’. ‘I will wait for that Day’ says Kanva Maharshi.

Maharshi knows that it’s not going to be easy and he only hopes that Dushyant comes back soon. As days pass, Shakuntala gets pregnant. Shakuntala is happy and so is the entire ashram. Knowing this Maharshi decides to send the news to Dushyant, wanting him to come and visit the Ashram.

A letter with the good news is sent to Dushyant, Dushyant ‘ignores’.

Dushyant doesn’t turn up to Ashram. He ignores the letter. Months pass by, the baby is born. Elegant looking a Prince-like boy is born. A message is sent to Dushyant. He once again ignores the message and doesn’t visit the Ashram. Instead, he knows that it’s now got even more difficult to explain people and Raj Guru about his marriage.

Does India retain its name Bharat from King Bharata, son of ...

Dushyant remembers that he had given Shakuntala an oath of making their Kid next King of Hastinapur. But suddenly a thought strikes, “who am I to decide the future King? Isn’t it the job of people of the Kingdom. I think my promise stands void.”

The boy is now grown. He is a 5-year-old on the brink of starting his education. Born to King, he is Kshatriya. In the ancient days, Kshatriyas don’t stay in Brahmin ashram for education as the education system is different from Kshatriya schools and Brahmin Schools.

Unable to wait anymore, Shakuntala travels to Hastinapur

After discussing with Kanva Maharshi on the no show of Dushyant, Shakuntala is fuming with anger. All her doubts that her son’s life also will be like hers start to appear like a reality. She is worried that her kid ‘Bharat’ should not meet the same fate. The boy Bharat is already asking her about father and already the ashram people have filled his ears about Dushyant.

Shakuntala along with her son Bharat and few of her friends and ashram mates travel to Hastinapur. All of them enter the Kingdom and soon they reach the king’s place. As soon as they enter the King’s palace, Dushyant is shocked. He also sees a kid next to her and understands. Shakuntala opens up, explains the complete story. The moment she says ‘I am your wife and he is your kid’, Palace is stunned with silence. But the answer from Dushyant is ‘NO’ in all through the conversation.

Shakuntala even explains meeting in the forest, doing a Gandharva marriage, promises of making her queen and her son ‘future king’. But, with no pain, Dushyant yet again says ‘No, I don’t know you. Yes, I came to the forest and the ashram, but I have not met you and not married you’.

Shakuntala tries hard to explain Dushyant, but Dushyant rebuts and that startles Shakuntala.

Dushyant says ‘By the way I know Kanva Maharshi is unmarried, then how come you are his daughter?’. Shakuntala says ‘Okay, you are now deliberately distorting facts. I am the daughter of Menaka and Vishwamitra. Menaka is apsara from Indra Loka. Kanva Maharshi took care of me after adopting me’. Dushyant then hits strongly on Shakunala emotions. ‘Oh! That Menaka who spoilt the yagna of Vishwamitra by behaving like a prostitute. You are the daughter of that prostitute. My god, what else can I expect from a prostitute’s daughter’.

Hearing to this words, Shakuntala is emotionally devastated!

How does Shakuntala deal with all this and what happens to her and Bharat, we will see this Saturday!

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