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Devilish plan by Shukracharya ends the Purity in Satyayuga and gives rise to discrimination.

After Karkotak’s death, Shukracharya added extra skills into his armoury….

He is directly entering the battle and he wants to bring down the rule of Kartivirya Arjun. Knowing that he cannot faceoff Arjun and defeat him, Shukracharya comes up with a devastating plan. What’s that plan? ‘Throwing a party to Kings of Sapt Sindhu’.

Yes, it is a party. But not the usual party that has drinks, food, pleasure etc…. this was a party filled with something else. That something else is ‘Shukracharya’s newly added skills’. Guru of Asuras, Shukcharya creates a potion. A potion that will lead to ‘desires, envy, lethargy and a feeling of superiority. This was a dangerous potion that will slowly turn into an inexplicable problem. Once this potion enters the bodies of Sapt Sindhu Kings and their families, everyone one of them will be developing a different attitude. An attitude that asks for superiority, discrimination and ego. Why would Shukracharya do this all? ‘to push the kings of sapt Sindhu to deviate from the path of Dharma’ this will allow him to begin his second step of the poisonous idea.

To fulfil this plan his first step is to meet the Kuber. Kuber is the King of Lanka, known for trade and business all across the world in those ancient days. Kuber was the richest businessman during those days.  Shukracharya is welcomed ceremoniously by King Kuber.

Shukracharya then opens up about his plan of inviting Sapt Sindhu King…. 

He says ‘Oh! Kuber, you are the richest man in this universe and nobody is even closer to you in richness. But being the richest person you still lack the reputation in the Sapt Sindhu Kingdom. Now is the time for you to build your goodwill & fame.

Kuber asks ‘What should I do to increase my goodwill among the Sapt Sindhu’? Shukracharya says ‘Why don’t you call all the Sapt Sindhu Kings and throw a mega party as a sign of friendship, a sign of goodwill gesture and get together?’. Shukracharya knows it will cost huge. But he also understands that Kuber will not mind spending any amount of money.

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Shukracharya says it will cost you dearly but remember it’ll be a great goodwill gesture that will help in generating more business and more revenue. Realising the need for an increase in his goodwill, Kuber invites all the Kings including Arjun, Deval, Rohitashwa and many other kings to Lanka. Even Dushyant, the king of Hastinapur is also invited. That way all the kings along with the families and their bodyguards go to Lanka.

The place Lanka is known for its serene climate and greenery. It’s a beauty of a place. All the Sapt Sindhuans are amazed at the beauty of this tiny island. The Kings were properly treated by the Lankan King Kuber and his subordinates. All of them are happy with the hospitality shown by Kuber and they feel grateful for his gesture. After all the party is over, the Sapt Sindhu Kings return to their respective kingdoms.

Ego, Selfishness, Jealousy and more…. All of these are shockingly Sapt Sindhu traits!

After the Sapt Sindhuans return to their Kingdoms, things slowly start changing. The society which was pure and sattvik in nature saw the degradation of society. It started with class differences. The Brahmins were always treated as the most superior people. Everyone did accept that without having any questions. People had faith in manusmriti and they all followed it. But the superiority of Brahmins was not acceptable to Kshatriyas.

Because, Kshatriyas felt they are the rulers, richer and braver. While Brahmins are pandits who are doing nothing. This kind of discrimination and thoughts were seen all through the Sapt Sindhu Kingdoms but in few places this was dominant. That lead to the ill-treatment of Brahmins. Later, even the Vaishyas and Kshatriya got into this ugly feud.

Vaishyas were never into any kind of political issues. They were better off in doing business and enjoying their wealth. Because of this, there were a lot of rich Vaishyas in the society and Kshatriyas started to get jealous of them. They started to feel that Vaishyas use unfair means to gain wealth and avoid paying the right amount of taxes also. Kshatriyas were completely frustrated and started ill-treating everyone in society. Be it Brahmins, Vaishyas or Shudras….

Though all this didn’t happen overnight, the process was slow and unstoppable. The class differences were creating disturbances in society.

While this was going on, Ruchik the one who is a saviour started losing interest in earthly matters. He was bothered about Parashuram’s education but felt that now even Jamadagni also can take care of it. Then one day suddenly, he decided to leave the ashram in the Chambal river and start his next phase of life.

He wanted to move from Gruhasth ashram to Vanaprashth Ashram. Ruchik hands over Parashuram to Jamadagni and asks him to complete his son’s education. Jamadagni is not happy with their father’s decision, but he knew this day would come and he silently accepts it after speaking to father Ruchik. Thus both Ruchik and Satyavati leave the ashram and make their way to forest areas…

Seeing this happening, Shukracharya decides to meet Jamadagni. The Asura Guru, Shukracharya wants to meet the guru of Parashuram Jamadagni. Because as per his plan, level one is completed and now is the time for him to concentrate and release the second plan. Will his plan be successful and will Jamadagni accept to talk to Shukrachya? All that will be in my coming posts….

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