Children’s Day: My message to the child and to the parent!

November 14th, A Day that I was always looking forward as a Kid and I am still equally enthusiastic about it with hope and belief that the next generation will India to the next level and propel the new wave of growth story.  A Child for me is the biggest motivation and inspiration. Because they are the ones who aren’t bothered about any kind of discrimination and don’t see any kind of differences between people. Something I keep learning looking into the eyes of innocent children.

As a child I had my share of dreams, my share of fun and learning. I used to spend time on cricket field and classroom. I play and I studied. But when I look at the child of today, I feel that they are not enjoying the childhood that I enjoyed. He is a gaming addict and loves things that are unreal. That is one thing that worries me as it cuts him off from the nature and also affects the fitness. Look the children of today, many are over weight and not fit.

Like any Parent feels very proud and happy when their kids excel in exams or do well in competitions, Mother India also feels overwhelmingly proud when Kids of her clinch new heights and bring glory for the Country in respective fields that they chose. And to achieve that a fit body and fit mind are essential. I think Children’s day is the right time to make a resolution of keeping fit. Parents need to encourage their children to play spend time on ground to be fit.

Faces filled with Smile and Hope!

On this day, let every parent also make a resolve to fulfill the dream of his child. When child wants to become a sportsman, allow him to. If he/she wants to become a painter, allow him to. If he/she wants to become a scientist, allow him to. The biggest service to Mother India is to nurture the talent and creativity of every child, not kill it. That will make the children’s day really special.

Picture: One of the Snaps from the place which I used to visit to teach the Kids of Govt School!

Happy Children’s day!

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