Chapter  8 Brahma Yoga Verse 2
Adhiyajnah katham ko’tra dehe’smin madhusoodana;
Prayaanakaale cha katham jneyo’si niyataatmabhih.
Who and how is Adhiyajna here in this body, O Krishna?
And how, at the time of death, art Thou to be known by the self-controlled one?
After talking about Adhibhuta and Adhidaiva in the previous sloka, Arjuna continues to ask questions to Lord Krishna. In the last two slokas of Gnana-Vignana yoga, the complicated statements made by Lord Krishna, Arjuna was not able to understand. So, Arjuna goes to the fundamentals of everything and asks the basic questions again to Lord Krishna. In this sloka he asks about Adhi yagna and its existance in the body. After that he goes on to ask Lord Krishna that at the time of death will you be the one to be called as self controlled?
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This sloka talks about two things. One is Adhiyajna and the other is how at the time of death the God in you remains self controlled? In simple terms Adhiyajna means super soul and the ordinary soul is called adhi bhuta. Arjuna asks Lord Krishna about the existence of adhiyajna in the body. It is important to understand that moksha is not possible without the soul attaining the state of super soul. Then comes the next part of the sloka where Arjuna asks a doubt that when the body of a person is dying, what will the God in the soul will do to self-control itself!