Chapter 7 Verse 2

Jnaanam te’ham savijnaanam idam vakshyaamyasheshatah;
Yajjnaatwaa neha bhooyo’nyaj jnaatavyamavashishyate.
I shall declare to thee in full this knowledge combined with direct realisation,
after knowing which nothing more here remains to be known.
Lord Krishna continues his sermon to Arjuna about taking refuge in him into this sloka also. Here He makes a declaration to Arjuna. This declaration is required because even after so much of convincing still Arjuna had doubts on the path to take and on attaining highest form of spirituality. So, Lord Krishna says that He is declaring to Arjuna that those of whom who get the complete knowledge about Him and have a direct realization of Him, would have known everything and such a person doesn’t have anything else to be known.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
Will a Supreme Power of God, needs to convince anyone? Why does Lord Krishna need to do that? Is there a necessity to tell so much to Arjuna about surrendering to Himself? These are some of the questions that might come into your mind. The answer goes like this. God always talks to us indirectly. Just close your eyes and start focussing your thoughts about a problem or an issue that you are facing. You will start a dialogue with yourself. There are two voices speaking to yourself. What are these two voices? These are the voices of God. God doesn’t have to come in a human form and talk to us, as a protector He will make sure that his voice always reaches you. So, there is nothing wrong in Lord Krishna going out of his way to convince Arjuna.
Also, we have studied in many of the previous slokas, there is an alternative voice to God’s voice, which is also a created by Him which contradicts God’s voice. So, what is happening to Arjuna happens to all of us, everyday. Everyday we are faced with situations in life, where decisions have to be made and we make them. Are we on the path of God or not can be understood only when we fully understand God and realize His power. God always tries to talk to us like how He is talking to Arjuna, in the form of your inner voice. So, if we start understanding the voice of God and do things, we slowly start surrendering ourselves to God.  But only saints can attain that state. Everyone else will be trying to understand the God and try to solve the puzzles of illusion that God has created around him.