Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 8
Beejam maam sarvabhootaanaam viddhi paartha sanaatanam;
Buddhir buddhimataamasmi tejastejaswinaamaham.
Know Me, O Arjuna, as the eternal seed of all beings;
I am the intelligence of the intelligent; the splendour of the splendid objects am I!
Continuing from the previous sloka, Lord Krishna in this sloka also continues to explains His nature. He tells Arjuna that atleast now, Arjuna should try to understand and know Him. He compares Himself with the eternal seed which gives rise to all the beings on this planet and in the entire Universe. Lord Krishna also says that He is the intelligent amongst all the intelligent people and when it comes to the objects that are there around, then He says that He is the splendour of the most splendid objects that are there in this universe.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This sloka introduces two new facets of Lord Krishna. First is He being the eternal seed of all beings. We have been studying that God is the creator of every living being on this planet. But one perspective that we missed out is God also plans the species that is going to be born on this planet and becomes the seed of that. If we take the evolution, we have seen micro organisms to birds, to fishes to snakes to mammals to humans. All these are different species planned and introduced by God. Human being is so far the highest of all of them. Maybe, one day God might plan a superior species than human himself. Thus, God here acts as the seed for every being on this planet.
The second thing we need to understand is God acting as a splendour of the splendid objects. Now, what does that mean? Splendour is the in-dweller and splendid is the description of the dweller. Suppose when we see a beautiful scenario of nature, we say what a splendid scenario? Here we are praising the beauty of the nature that has trees, mountains, water, birds and other animals. The in-dweller of all of them is God. God is present in every tree, every bird, in the mountain and in the water around. Thus God is there in everyone and in everything!!!