Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 7
Raso’hamapsu kaunteya prabhaasmi shashisooryayoh;
Pranavah sarvavedeshu shabdah khe paurusham nrishu.
I am the sapidity in water, O Arjuna! I am the light in the moon and the sun;
I am the syllable Om in all the Vedas, sound in ether, and virility in men.
Further continuing to speak about His mightiness, Lord Krishna continues to educate Arjuna more on the Supreme power of God. He says that the Supreme power of God is the one who gives taste to the water. He also says that He is the one who gives light to the Sun as well as to the moon. Lord Krishna further goes on to say that Lord Himself is the first syllable and sound of  “om” that is used in all the vedas. Not only that Lord Himself is the transmitter of the sound in Ether space and He himself is the reason for the strength of an individual. In short He is the one who is there in every aspect of Universe.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
The interpretation part does most of the explanation for the sloka, leaving few things to be described here. On such thing is involvement of Lord in everything that we get in the universe. God is in water as well as in the taste of the water. God is in the sun and moon and also in the light that both carry. God is there in the Vedas as well as the syllables of those Vedas. And God is in the Ether space as well as the sounds that Ether space carries. God is in all of us and in the strength that we carry.
When we look at it, we need to understand the dual nature of God in singularity. Lets take an example and look at the man and his virility. Man is a human being and virility means strength. Are both not same? If they are same, then why are we saying it twice? It is because it is same but not same. Strength is there in every man, but every man need not always be Strong. This is a subtle point you need to understand. There are times we feel weak and helpless, physically as well as mentally. Physically we feel weak when our health gets affected and mentally we feel weak when our emotions get affected. Then if Strength is God and present in every man, why does he feel the weakness?
Man is the creation of God and in that way there is a iota of Godliness present in every man. As soon as we are born, we are not strong. We gain strength over the time with food, knowledge, wisdom and experience. As these things are learnt, sometimes God takes them away and keeps a test for us to see how we deal with things when we are not strong. That is the time you need to support yourself, back yourself up and hold on to the path laid out by God, and not get overwhelmed by ego. If you clear the test, automatically, your strength will be back and you will emerge as the more stronger person.