Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 6
Mattah parataram naanyat kinchidasti dhananjaya;
Mayi sarvamidam protam sootre maniganaa iva.
There is nothing whatsoever higher than Me, O Arjuna!
All this is strung on Me as clusters of gems on a string.
After talking about the higher order and lower order natures that are present in the human world, Lord Krishna in this sloka turns attention to Himself and how He as a form exists in this World. He tells Arjuna that there is nothing in this World which, in whatsoever form is higher than the Lord Himself. Second point He tells Arjuna is that, everything in this universe and every being is attached to the Lord. Here Lord Krishna compares that attachment as how the gems attach themselves like a cluster in a string.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This sloka tries to connect the Lord with the human. We have discussed many times previously how Lord protects his children. This sloka talks about a slightly different thing of how many human beings are connected to each other in the form of beads in a string. Lets look at the beads in a string. Each bead is a human being. There are so many humans in this world and they are like many beads. All these beads are aligned by a thread which is like the supreme spirit that we discussed yesterday. This supreme spirit is like the invisible thread that connects all these beads.
All these beads are there wrapped around God who is the Supreme power which controls all the beads. There are many clusters of gems attached to many threads. The thread connects all the beads which has the similar characteristics. This is similar to people possessing similar nature being connected to each other. God control all the beads and they never realise that they are mere ornaments in the hands of God. God controls us and our lives and he has the power to change the a bead from one thread to another as and when He wants. Thus there is no power in this World which is more Supreme than God and He is the highest of all powers.