Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 4

Bhoomiraapo’nalo vaayuh kham mano buddhireva cha;
Ahamkaara iteeyam me bhinnaa prakritirashtadhaa.
Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intellect and egoism—
thus is My Nature divided eight fold.
The previous sloka was a very important sloka where Lord Krishna tells that out of lakhs of men and women, only one will get to know Him. That brings a curious question in our mind that What is God? In this sloka Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna what He is. Lord Krishna says that His natue is divided into Eight parts or Eight folds. These are Earth, which is the soil element, Water which is a liquid and a life giver, Fire, which is a purifier as well as destroyer, Air, which is the source of life, Ether which is the empty space around us, Mind which is connected to senses, Intellect which is knowledge and Egoism which is a self worth of a person. The combination of all this is the God.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
Can God be explained in through these 8 elements is the question that one needs to understand. These 8 elements mentioned here is called “Apara Prakriti” or Lower nature. Lower nature doesnt mean it is inferior. It means that is the basic form of God. It has 5 elements that are taken from the nature and the remaining 3 elements are taken from the human body. The five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether. These are also called “Pancha bhootalu” which are a part of mother nature but inherently linked to the five sense organs of human beings.
The first one is Earth, which is something we have come from and where we will all go. We as human beings have the same elements and same chemical composition that is found underneath the Earth. This is linked to the sense organ Nose, which we use to smell. The second is the Water which is the source of all life. No organism can survive without water and Tongue in our body which is used by us to eat and taste food is linked to this. The third is the Fire, which is a purifier, destroyer. It is linked to our sense organ Eye. Fire is light and light is essential to us to see anything. The fourth element is the Air which is a life giver. We cannot see the Air, we can only feel it, so it is linked to our sense organ of Skin which senses every touch. The last element is the Ether or empty space through which we hear things. When someone talks to us, we hear them only through Ether space, where the sound waves travel. That is our fifth sense organ.
Added to this 5 elements are the 3 elements of Mind, Intellect and Ego that exists within the body. Mind collects the information from the sense organs and categorizes the data and creates inputs for reactions using logic and reason. Intellect observes the inputs given by the mind and observes a situation, differentiates various situations and determines the right actions. Intellect helps you to sort out any situation that you encounter by carefully weighing all options. A person with higher intellect will take a more thoughtful and wise decision than  person with lower intellect. Then the third element is the Ego which prompts to develop Who you are, What you stand for and helps you to develop self worth. Usually Ego is because of the perceptions that others have on you or you have on situations. It usually takes you away from your true self or the soul.
Thus God is present in all these 8 elements and one, who wants to feel God has to live in all these 8 elements of nature and should feel God in all the 8 elements.