Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 3
Manushyaanaam sahasreshu kashchidyatati siddhaye;
Yatataamapi siddhaanaam kashchinmaam vetti tattwatah.
Among thousands of men, one per chance strives for perfection;
even among those successful strivers, only one per chance knows Me in essence.
In this sloka Lord Krishna talks about the difficulty of knowing God. In the previous sloka He said that there is nothing more that a person needs to know, once he knows the Lord. But is it that easy? Lord Krishna says that amongst thousands of people only one strives for attaining perfection. Perfection is doing things right and following dharma. Even amongst those successful strivers who strived to attain perfection only one person, that too per chance gets to know the essence of Lord. This in a way explains how difficult it is to know the Lord.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
There are two points one needs to understand here. One is why is that out of thousands of men, only one strives for perfection? Perfection is something which comes only with discipline and in-deterring hard work. That person should never take his eye off his goal and constantly keeps working towards it. How many of us do that? We all start the work we want to do, somewhere in the middle we all give up. Very few people, maybe a handful of people amongst the lakhs of people are there, who are striving for perfection can actually achieve perfection.
Next is why, even after achieving perfection, that only one amongst them knows God? Knowing God is not an easy thing. Just because you have perfected something doesn’t mean a person can attain moksha. There are millions of things in this World that a person needs to perfect, to know God. God is physics, God is matter, God is energy, God is love, God is care, God is philosophy, God is logic, God is education, God is curing, God is guiding, God is loving, God is giving, God is sacrifice, God is mercy, God is honesty and God is omniscient, omni present and omni potent. To know Him, you have to go everywhere, do everything, experience every emotion then you will know what is God. God is not a lesson to be learnt, God is the one who is there in every lesson that life teaches us!