Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 22
Saadhibhootaadhidaivam maam saadhiyajnam cha ye viduh;
Prayaanakaale’pi cha maam te vidur yuktachetasah.
Those who know Me with the Adhibhuta (pertaining to the ele
ments), the Adhidaiva(pertaining to the gods),
and Adhiyajna (pertaining to the sacrifice), know Me even at the time of death, steadfast in mind.
Here Lord Krishna continues his discourse on Himself and what happens to the beings who worship Him with a steady mind. He says that those who are steadfast in their mind, and who have taken refuge in Him, who know Him as knowledge of elements on the physical plane, as knowledge of gods on the celestial or mental plane, as knowledge of sacrifice in the realm of sacrifice, they are not affected by death. All these kind of people will never ever suffer from the fear of death and such people have a very peaceful death.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
After talking a lot about the suffering a person undergoes due to old age the focus now here is on the one who has a fearless death. Death is something that is completely inevitable and every person will be afraid of it and fearful of it. There are only four kinds of people who never fear death. The first category are the ones who have taken refuge in the Lord Himself. The second kind of the person who is the one who takes God as the knowledge of all elements in the physical plane. Physical plane is the one which appears to us in the form of the senses.
The third kind of person who never fears death is the person who has the knowledge of Gods on the celestial or mental plane. Celestial plan here is the plane above the physical plane that exists beyond senses. This is the plane in which the imaginations and thought processes exist. Finally the last kind of person who doesn’t fear the death is the one know knows God as the sacrifice in the realm of sacrifice. This simply means that person who is never hesitant to sacrifice anything in the name of Almighty and for the Almighty. Such kind of person never fears death.