Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 19
Vedaaham samateetaani vartamaanaani chaarjuna;
Bhavishyaani cha bhootani maam tu veda na kashchana.
I know, O Arjuna, the beings of the past,
the present and the future, but no one knows Me.
After talking about the immutable nature of Himself, in this sloka Lord Krishna turns His attention to describe Himself. First time after 7 chapters and 18 slokas, Lord krishna presents to Arjuna the side of Him which no one has ever seen. Here He talks about the knowledge that Lord Krishna possesses. He says that He knows about things that are of the past, past here means the past of many individuals. He also says that He knows about the present mind set of all the people of this universe as well as their future. But on the contrary, no one ever knows Him.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This is a very simple sloka that uses simple words but its deep and extremely complicated to understand what Lord Krishna is trying to say here. Two points we need to consider here. First is about God’s knowledge about the past, present and future and the second about no one ever knowing God. If we look at the first point, a person wanted to succeed in life, so he starts working towards it. As he is working, suddenly he dies of heart failure. The question here is not about his Karma. The question here is “if God wanted to kill him before he could even achieve what he wanted to achieve, then why did he create that urge in him to work for the success”? This question if you think carefully, takes us further deep and makes us to think why Lord Krishna says he knows about the past, present and future of everyone. He is going to talk about it in the coming slokas.
The second thing that this sloka talks about is “No one knows about Him”. In many of the previous slokas we have heard that God is someone whom we all go to upon attaining moksha. We also know that He created all of us and He alone gives the fruits of all our actions. If we have all this information about God, then why Lord Krishna says that no one knows Him. This is also a deeply philosophical point that needs to be known and learnt by a person. In these two contexts, this sloka is very important and in a way the turning point of the Bhagavad Gita. From here on, things take a different turn. This chapter of Gnana-Vignana yoga is also coming to an end soon. So, let’s see how many more questions, Lord will ask before he could go the next level of His discourse…..