Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 17
Antavattu phalam teshaam tadbhavatyalpamedhasaam;
Devaan devayajo yaanti madbhaktaa yaanti maamapi.
Verily the reward fruit that accrues to those men of small intelligence is finite.
The worshippers of the gods go to them, but My devotees come to Me.
In this sloka Lord Krishna talks about the fruits of actions and how they differ from the person to person and God to God. Lord Krishna says that after understanding that all Gods are same and its the people who mistake the rewards given by God as the rewards of the God whom they worshipped. Such kind of people are called as the men of small intelligence. They are called as men of small intelligence because their understanding is finite and they cannot think broad. Such kind of people are also rewarded where God grants their wishes. But those who worship the real God are the ones to whom God doesn’t go and give rewards but they Go directly to Him and attain salvation.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
We need to understand two things here. first is God going to people and rewarding them and second is devotees going to God which is their ultimate reward. Men of small intelligence and people who cannot take troubles, worship god to bring them out of those troubles. To such kind of people, God goes and brings them out of those troubles. He does that because He knows that such kind of people are low on intelligence and for them getting out of the problem is more important than growing spiritually. To such people God just has sympathy.
Then there are second kind of people who go to God. They constantly worship God in all good and bad and remain singular in their belief as well as in their thought process. Lord Krishna uses the word devotees to describe them. Devotees are the one who are devoted. Devoted means dedicated and people with unwavering mind. Their minds are stable and calm because they know that whatever God does, is for their growth and when God sees such people He will slowly call them to Him. Calling them to Him is another way of terming Moksha.