Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 16
Sa tayaa shraddhayaa yuktastasyaaraadhanameehate;
Labhate cha tatah kaamaan mayaiva vihitaan hi taan.
Endowed with that faith, he engages in the worship of that form,
and from it he obtains his desire, these being verily ordained by Me alone.
In this sloka Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna as the how God exists everywhere and in different forms whatever may be the form that people worship. He says that a person who has faith in any form of God, with that faith needs to worship Him whole heartedly. If that person continues to worship the Lord in that form, he obtains his desires from there. Obtaining the desires means the wishes getting fulfilled. These desires are fulfilled only because the Lord Himself has ordered those desires to be fulfilled.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
Here Lord Krishna answers the question of how the desires are fulfilled by worshipping another God or a swamiji. In the last example we have looked at an example where a person is a devotee of Lord Rama but turned to the other God or a swamiji and his desires were fulfilled. Here in this sloka Lord Krishna explains how the desires of the person are fulfilled. That person’s desires are fulfilled because he abandoned the test put by God and sought refuge in another God. Being the creator God has to release him from the test as he refused to take it.
We can understand this clearly taking an instance. A person learns something and God decides to test his knowledge in that. He keeps a test to him by putting that person in a tough situation. If a person is able to face that tough situation and hold on to it, then he will be successful. What if that person decides to run away, and as a part of running away he runs to another God and asks that God to rescue him from that situation? That person is so much blinded in maya that he is asking the same God who is in a different form to solve his problem. So, God has no other way but to withdraw the test. The moment God withdraws the test, his problem will be solved and that person is under the illusion that the new God he is worshipping has only solved his problem.