Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 12
Na maam dushkritino moodhaah prapadyante naraadhamaah;
Maayayaapahritajnaanaa aasuram bhaavamaashritaah.
The evil-doers and the deluded, who are the lowest of men, do not seek Me;
they whose knowledge is destroyed by illusion follow the ways of demons.
In this sloka Lord Krishna focuses His attention on the set of people who are evil and ugly hearted. It is in continuation with the yesterday’s sloka where Lord talks about people who are affected by lower level maya and dont recognize the greatness of God. He says that people who do evil and follow the path of bad, belong to the lowest category of men, who do not seek God. The He goes on to say that those people whose knowledge is destroyed by maya always follow things which are wrong and in the end they end up with demons or evil beings.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
Here we need to understand two points. First is, we need to know the characteristics of evil doers and the second is we need to understand what exactly it means, following the ways of demons. Nobody wants to do evil because everyone knows that the result of doing evil is that they will be punished by God. Knowing that also why people do evil things? It is because they do not know what is evil. A person playing politics to destroy another person or a person who is cheating another for money, does that for the sake of money or power. They know that what they are doing is wrong but they do it thinking that they would do penance by praying to God or visiting a holy place. Such kind of people are not seeking God but they are making God a part of bad things they do. Such people will never be forgiven by God.
Second is what is meant by following the ways of demons? The way of God is purity, honesty and following dharma. Purity doesnt mean ahimsa. A soldier’s dharma is to kill people, so being a soldier doesnt make him impure. The purity of a soldier lies in him fighting with the enemy to protect the lives of millions of people. Such a soldier when he kills the enemies to protect the innocent lives, is a pure person. But if a person harms or kills another person for his personal benefit he becomes an impure person. When maya or illusion or earning money takes over a person, he fails to understand good and bad and ends up following things which are demonic in nature. Example is a person who does black magic or any tantric ritual to posses wealth or posses someone. Such an individual can never be close to God as he has chosen the demonic way of achieving things.