Chapter 7 Gnana-Vignana Yoga Verse 11
Daivee hyeshaa gunamayee mama maayaa duratyayaa;
Maameva ye prapadyante maayaametaam taranti te.
Verily this divine illusion of Mine made up of the qualities of Nature is difficult to cross over;
those who take refuge in Me alone cross over this illusion.
This sloka Lord krishna turns His attention to something called as illusion that is there in everyone’s life. He says that illusion that He creates is a divine illusion or good maya which is made up of qualities that are difficult to overcome. That means the maya created by God is difficult to overcome. Then He goes on to say how, a person can get over this. A person can get over this only when he accepts the supremacy of God and take refuge in them. That is the only way of crossing over this illusion.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
What is divine maya? How is it different from the other forms of maya? First one needs to understand that maya is also creation of God. Maya also has two forms, one divine maya also called “vishnu maya” as mentioned in scriptures and the other is the normal maya that affects the inferior humans. Vishnu maya as the name suggests is the maya created by God in the minds of spiritually evolved people and test them on what they have learnt in their spiritual journey. If a person is able to pass the test by overcoming this maya he will go one step closer to attaining salvation.
The other form of maya is the maya of senses that inferior humans devoid of spirituality experience. When you see normal people they are surrounded by so many superstitions and false beliefs and they never understand the real God. Like someone worshipping God in the morning in his puja room but going out doing all kinds of immoral and illegal things. That person is in illusion because he thinks that God will forgive all the bad activities he does, just because he offers prayers everyday and visits temples to give alms. The maya in him prevents him from knowing the simple truth that path of God lies not in offering money and praying to Him, but it is in following one’s dharma and doing things which are in accordance to the dharma.
This inferior maya will keep the person always away from the God and he will never go on the path of spirituality. But the person who attains spirituality goes through something called vishnu maya, which is maya created by God, to test the lessons the person learnt. This test cannot be passed that easily. Only a person who takes refuge in God and beliefs that he is being tested by God and faces the tests boldly will only be able to cross over this illusions and comes out successful.