Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 6


Shuchau deshe pratishthaapya sthiramaasanamaatmanah; Naatyucchritam naatineecham chailaajinakushottaram.
Tatraikaagram manah kritwaa yatachittendriyakriyah; Upavishyaasane yunjyaadyogamaatmavishuddhaye.


In a clean spot, having established a firm seat of his own, neither too high nor too low, made of a cloth, a skin and kusha grass, one over the other,
There, having made the mind one-pointed, with the actions of the mind and the senses controlled, let him, seated on the seat, practise Yoga for the purification of the self.
After talking about the qualities of a Yogi in the previous slokas Lord Krishna in this sloka turns his attention to how a person should perform the yoga or meditation for the purification of the self. He says that the person should find a clean spot for himself, and the place he sits should be neither too high or too low in height and with skin or grass cover over it. Having found such a place the yogi should sit there with one pointed mind and having his senses under his control and with that pointed mind he should sit down and practice Yoga. Only that can bring purification to him.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This sloka talks about what a person should do to purify himself through meditation. There are two things that are very important for the meditation to happen. First is the pure ambience and the second is the calm mind. Ambience here means the atmosphere around and the physical space that he is doing meditation on. A clean place is a must because when the surroundings are clean, the air around will be clean. That air will go into our body as well as touch all the chakras of the body. So, clean surroundings are a must for the process of meditation to begin.

The next most important thing is the place where he is meditating. It should be of certain height and should be covered with grass or any material made of life. Here the seat of the yoga should be organic. Skin has organic cells in it which will keep the person touched to life and the same is with grass. A person should never meditate on hard ground or on mud. It is because both are considered to be lifeless. If he meditates on concrete ground it will be hard and his body will not be able to take it. Same is the case with ground that is made of hard muddy surface. But if he sits on a skin of an animal or on grass it has life in it and that stimulates him to concentrate more.

Third aspect is the height of the place where he is doing meditation. It should be neither too low or too high. It should not be low because you should not be disturbed by living beings that keep moving around as you meditate. It should not be too high because as you go higher and higher the gravitation pull will be more which will disturb your concentration. So, meditation should be done at a medium height with the ground covered with an organic material and with all the surroundings being clean. Then only a person can concentrate have a calm mind and can complete his meditation.