Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 5

Yogee yunjeeta satatamaatmaanam rahasi sthitah;
Ekaakee yatachittaatmaa niraasheeraparigrahah.
Let the Yogi try constantly to keep the mind steady, remaining in solitude,
alone, with the mind and the body controlled, and free from hope and greed.
 Continuing his description on the state of a yogi, Lord Krishna continues to explain what a yogi should do to attain salvation. Lord Krishna says that a yogi should constantly keep his mind steady, without allowing it to wavering here and there. The second quality of a yogi in meditation is that he should look for solitude and should enjoy being there. Third is he alone should try to control his body and mind without taking anyone’s help and lastly he should be free from all the vices like greed and hope. That means he should not be greedy for anything or hope for anything to happen. Only such people attain the status of a Yogi.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
A yogi is a person who remains in solitude. He should not come into public nor attract for public attention. A yogi should keep his mind only on one thing. His goal should remain steady and constant and that will never change. If the mind changes he cannot be called as yogi because the mind will change only when it is not controlled by senses. A yogi will never depend on his senses but he will depend on his soul for taking decisions. The second aspect is that a yogi should remain in isolation. He should not strive for public attention or glory. Attention brings senses back the influence of senses and if a person is under the control of senses it will cutoff the link with the soul. That is why a yogi should search for solitude.
The other thing that a yogi should practice along with the above mentioned things is that he should not be greedy for anything or hopeful for anything. Greed is not only linked with money. Greed is also linked to power and appreciation also. A yogi never does anything for anyone’s appreciation but he does the work because it is his duty to do it. Connected to greed is hope. Hope triggers an action with the result in mind. People who are hopeful always do things keeping the results in mind. It is very difficult to remove hope but one should try not hope for anything when he performs the actions. Thus if he stays away from all this he will be called as a true yogi.