Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 26

Poorvaabhyaasena tenaiva hriyate hyavasho’pi sah;
Jijnaasurapi yogasya shabdabrahmaativartate.

By that very former practice he is borne on in spite of himself.
Even he who merely wishes to know Yoga transcends the Brahmic word.
This sloka continues to talk about the person who missed the perfection of yoga in his previous birth. Lord Krishna says that a person who had fallen from Yoga is carried to the goal in the present birth also. The perfection in yoga which he intended to reach in his previous birth, by the force of the impressions of his past Yogic practices, will start coming true in the present birth. He has missed it in his previous birth because he may be unconscious of it and may not be willing to adopt the practice of yoga due to the force of some evil Karma.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This sloka tries to explain to the link between the births. Does our goals really carry forward to different births? If it happens how does it happen? We miss our targets because of different reasons. Sometimes, the targets get missed for a life time. It is mainly because of the person’s evil karma. For any yogic activity to happen, it is important that the person should get rid of all the bad karma. A person can get rid of his bad karma when he suffers setbacks and faces difficulties in life. All these make him to payback for the bad actions he did in his previous births.
Once he is out of all the bad karma he then has to make sure that he doesn’t accumulate anymore bad karma in his life. This he can do only when he realises what is good and bad. Once he realises that good is something which is linked to his dharma, then he starts following it and that takes him higher and higher in the spirituality. Thus the amount of bad karma gradually reduces and he will be able to attain the path of perfection by the impressions that were left in his past life. All of them now will come to help him and he quickly starts moving towards the path of Yogic union.