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Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 23

Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 23
Kacchinnobhayavibhrashtash cchinnaabhramiva nashyati; Apratishtho mahaabaaho vimoodho brahmanah pathi,
Etanme samshayam krishna cchettumarhasyasheshatah;Twadanyah samshayasyaasya cchettaa na hyupapadyate.
Fallen from both, does he not perish like a rent cloud, supportless, O Krishna, deluded on the path of Brahman?
This doubt of mine, do Thou completely dispel, because it is not possible for any but Thee to dispel this doubt.
In this sloka also Arjuna continues to ask questions to Lord Krishna. Continuing from the previous sloka where a person’s mind wavers, failing him to attain the Moksha Arjuna asks more questions here. He says that if a person who is deluded from the path of Brahman what kind of life he will have? Will he disappear like a cloud that’s filled with air, without achieving anything. He also asks Lord Krishna that only He can clear all his doubts and no one else in this world on in any other worlds are capable of answering all these questions and clear the doubts.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
In a way this sloka is simple and has just one question. It is not just a question but also an observation. Arjuna also knows very well that a person who fails to walk in the path of Brahman can never attain peace and will disappear like a cloud without any moisture. Clouds with moisture at least have rain drops in them but empty clouds just melt away by the light of sun. In that way a person who neglected the path of Brahman will disappear without a trace. With that observation Arjuna is expecting Lord to speak up and clear his doubts because nobody else other than Lord Krishna has the capability to clear those doubts.

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