Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 19

Yo’yam yogastwayaa proktah saamyena madhusoodana;
Etasyaaham na pashyaami chanchalatwaat sthitim sthiraam.
Arjuna said:
This Yoga of equanimity taught by Thee, O Krishna,
I do not see its steady continuance, because of restlessness of the mind!
After a detailed discourse on the importance of meditation and how it is linked to salvation by Lord Krishna, Arjuna opens himself up and starts to speak to Lord Krishna. He tells Lord Krishna that the yoga of equality of and integration of mind with the self was taught wonderfully by you. But he says that he was unable to see the continuance of once efforts in performing the meditation for the unification. Arjuna also says that this lack of continuance is mainly because of the restlessness of the mind.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
There is a major doubt that Arjuna asks Krishna in this sloka. The doubt is “why there is no steady continuance of any activity”? This is a very important question that is relevant even today. Not only that Arjuna feels that the lack of continuance is because of the restlessness of mind. Then why does the restlessness comes? These are the things that we need to look at even in these times. We need to look at these two things separately. The first point I want to talk about is restlessness. Restlessness is something we have already studied. It comes when we set unrealistic targets for ourselves and we are unable to achieve them.
The second thing is more important and that is unable to have a steady continuance. We all start something new everyday. How many days we are able to continue that? The answer is just few days. Let’s take the example of newspaper reading. If you tell you someone that reading paper is important for gaining practical knowledge, that person will start reading the paper. How many days can that person continue that? After reading it for 2-3 weeks he starts reading it forcibly and there comes a situation when he starts skipping reading the paper. After a month or two he completely abandons the habit of reading the paper. We all start something or the other, and it is important to do it steadily and take it to logical conclusion. Why do we fail in this? Lets wait for Lord Krishna to answer this.