Chapter 5 Verse 1 Sanyasa Yoga


Arjuna Uvaacha:
Sannyaasam karmanaam krishna punar yogam cha shamsasi;
Yacchreya etayorekam tanme broohi sunishchitam.


Arjuna said:
Renunciation of actions, O Krishna, Thou praisest, and again Yoga!
Tell me conclusively which is the better of the two.


After the Gnana yoga where the power of knowledge over the other means of salvation were highlighted, Arjuna asks Lord Krishna a question on renunciation and this is the beginning of the Chapter of renunciation or Sanyasa yoga. Here Arjuna asks Lord Krishna that between renouncing all the actions and doing the actions, which one of them is better. There is a lot of confusion in the mind of Arjuna whether to do an action or renounce all actions to attain salvation. He asks to give a clarity on whether to renounce an action or perform the action.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

There are many instances when we feel like giving up and not do anything at all, and just sit and pray to God or become a sanyasi and renounce everything and lead a simple life.

Is it the right way? We normally get into renouncing mode only when we encounter successive failures and difficulties. It is considered to be wrong to give up fearing failure. But it is also said that renouncing is a noble gesture. Is it better to renounce everything and take up sanyaas and do nothing, instead of failing continuously or doing things that are not meant for you? These are some of the questions that this sanyasa yoga will answer. Let’s wait what Lord Krishna has got to say.