Chapter 5 Sanyasa Yoga Verse 7


Yogayukto vishuddhaatmaa vijitaatmaa jitendriyah;
Sarvabhootaatmabhootaatmaa kurvannapi na lipyate.


He who is devoted to the path of action, whose mind is quite pure, who has conquered the self,
who has subdued his senses and who has realised his Self as the Self in all beings, though acting, he is not tainted.


In this sloka Lord Kishna explain the qualities of a person who is not tainted. Tainted person is the one who is said to be affected by the bad or undesirable qualities. Here Lord Krishna gives the list of the people who cannot be tainted.

The first is the one who is devoted to the action that he commits. The second is the person whose mind always remains pure and who doesn’t allow any harmful thought to come to him. Third is the person who has gained victory on himself by controlling his senses. The fourth is the person who sees himself as humble and like any other person in this world. Such kind of people are pure and can never be tainted.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Can all these 4 qualities exist in a single person or a person cannot be called as tainted if he possess one or two of the above mentioned qualities. What we need to understand here is, its not about who is tainted but it is about who cannot be tainted. So, the point is, it possible to have one or two of the qualities mentioned above? The answer is No. A person who acquires one of the four qualities mentioned will automatically acquire the other qualities. So, these qualities should not be looked at an individual level but should be looked at collectively.

For example, if a person who is completely devoted to what he is doing, never allows any other thoughts to come to his mind. so such person will automatically have a pure mind. That pure mind will also stop any kind of harmful thoughts to come to your mind. Now a person who has total focus on his action with a pure mind will automatically have gained control over his senses. It is because you cannot have pure thoughts if your senses are not under your control nor you can work with total focus when your senses. So, when all the three are there in a person then that person loses the ego and sees himself as a humble soul. This humility along with all the other qualities makes that person pure and such person can never by any undesirable qualities.