Chapter 5 Sanyasa Yoga Verse 25

Yatendriya manobuddhir munir mokshaparaayanah;
Vigatecchaabhaya krodho yah sadaa mukta eva sah.
With the senses, the mind and the intellect always controlled, having liberation as his supreme goal,
free from desire, fear and anger—the sage is verily liberated for ever.
This is the second part of the sloka where it talks about the way a sage gets liberation from this world. The first part says that he needs to control his eye movements and his breathing, the second part focuses on other things to control. Lord Krishna says that apart from the senses, the sage has to always control his mind and intellect. Having done that, the sage will then keep the liberation from this world as his ultimate goal and starts getting himself freed from all the desires such as fear and anger. When he ultimately wins over all this, he will get the liberation from this world forever.
Extending the Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
This is the sloka which is the last sloka of the renunciation. This talks about the combination of factors that brings liberation to an individual. Here there are two things that a person has to do. First is he needs to bring a control on his mind and intellect. Mind can be brought in control by concentrating and meditation but how to bring intellect under control? Intellect can be brought under control by changing the way we think. A person has to slowly broaden his way of thinking and should expand the scope of his thinking process as he continues to evolve spiritually.
The second aspect that he needs to focus on is he needs to built liberation as his supreme goal. Many of the sages waste a lot of time in bring themselves to accepting liberation as a goal. We all want to lead a simple life, help others. Have you ever thought why we are doing that? We dont have an answer. We think we are doing it because we like doing it. But the answer goes much beyond that. We do it because we have to be liberated. That thought many of us cannot take because liberation means losing everything and somewhere in a corner of our minds we are scared of losing everything because in a way we are still attached to some things. That feeling stops us from preparing for liberation.
Thus Lord Krishna in this chapter of renunciation talks about an important thing to end this chapter. Unless a person is not scared of liberation and fully prepares himself for liberation, he cannot attain liberation. Liberation is ever soul’s ultimate goal, by postponing that we are only delaying the inevitable. If we understand that life becomes much simpler and renunciation much easier. With these thoughts we will go to the next chapter that is the Yoga of Meditation.