Chapter 5 Sanyasa Yoga Verse 24


Sparsaan kritwaa bahir baahyaamschakshus chaivaantare bhruvoh;
Praanaapaanau samau kritwaa naasaabhyantara chaarinau.


Shutting out all external contacts and fixing the gaze between the eyebrows,
equalising the outgoing and incoming breaths moving within the nostrils….


In this sloka Lord Krishna talks about the sage who attains moksha. This is a two part sloka and this is the first part of the sloka. In this part Lord Krishna talks about using two of the senses as tools to attain Moksha. According to him, the first sense are the eyes. To attain Moksha the person has to first shut down all his external contacts and need to focus on the area between the two eyebrows. Then the second step is through the breathing that he has to take. He has to equalise the amount of breathing that he is taking in and the amount of breath he is releasing out. He needs to balance the both. This where the first part of sloka ends.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The point we need to understand is the importance of Ajna chakra, or the space between our eyebrows. This is a very powerful space of the human body which is the centre of yogic and spiritual energy. One needs to activate this chakra to get good and positive energy. That’s why when we go to temple, we apply sacred vermilion in that area. Even Women put bindi, which is a symbol of her “mangalya” there. Any kind of concentration should start from focussing on Ajna chakra. When you shut your eyes and slowly bring your eyelids closer to each other near the Ajna chakra, the Ajna chakra of the person gets activated.

The next step is the breathing that one has to do as a pre requisite for attaining moksha. Breathing is the key because breathing brings the entire body to rhythm and establishes the synergy between the body and mind. Have you ever observed whether your breath ins and breathe outs are uniform or not? If you carefully observe then 99% of times your breathing is not synchronous. We take more air inside and release less air out and in multiple instalments. Some times we breathe with mouth instead of nose. All these create imbalance in the system and the person cannot respond to his soul. For the contact with soul to happen, he need to breathe rhythmically equalising the breathe ins with breathe outs. These are the two steps that Lord Krishna tells. Let’s wait for the next sloka where the process is completed.