Chapter 5 Sanyasa Yoga Verse 21


Shaknoteehaiva yah sodhum praak shareera vimokshanaat;
Kaamakrodhodbhavam vegam sa yuktah sa sukhee narah.


He who is able, while still here in this world to withstand, before the liberation from the body,
the impulse born of desire and anger—he is a Yogi, he is a happy man.


In this sloka Lord Krishna talks about how a yogi gets ultimate happiness. In the previous slokas we have learnt about how a yogi renounces everything and becomes an unifier. This sloka is a step above that. It says that a person who being in this world, living the life like any other person but can control and withstand all the impulses is a yogi. Lord Krishna also says that this person before he is liberated from his body is able to control all his desires and anger is a Yogi and he alone can be a happy man. Happiness is one step prior to attaining salvation.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Who is that man who can be really happy in this world? This is a very easy question but very tough to answer. Because nobody can be happy all the time. Let’s try to understand if you cannot be happy all the time. Lord Krishna says that you can be happy all the time. For that you need to do two things. First is you need to control impulses. What are these impulses? Impulses are sudden bursts of emotions which make us to do unplanned things. Its like suddenly going out to meet a friend or take a break from whatever work we are doing. We do these impulsive actions only because they give us thrill, satisfaction and zeal. But in reality they take us away from our goals.

Second is control of anger. Anger is one virtue that can destroy anything. When we listen or see something that we don’t want or which is not right we get angry. That anger makes us to react and that reaction might sometimes be hasty. Not everything you see or hear is 100% true. Without knowing the complete truth if we react it always produces negative results. If you scold your son for coming late to home and if he was delayed because he was busy doing your work, which you forgot completely, how will you feel? Can you take back the words? You cannot. It leaves an impression about you in his mind. Anger is essential but it should be judicious and should be used only in places where it is required.

So a person who can control all forms of impulsive behaviours resulting out of desires and a person who can control his anger is the one who is called as yogi. He is yogi because getting over impulsive actions and getting over anger needs the unification of senses with soul and that if it is achieved when the body is active, he will be a happy man will always remain happy.