Chapter 5 Sanyasa Yoga Verse 14

Na kartritwam na karmaani lokasya srijati prabhuh;
Na karmaphala samyogam swabhaavas tu pravartate.
Neither agency nor actions does the Lord create for the world,
nor union with the fruits of actions; it is Nature that acts.
In this shloka Lord Krishna gets deeper in the philosophy of the nature in which the action or acts are committed. He refers to agency and actions first to explain that they are not responsible for the acts. Agency here is the entity that is there for the action to happen. Neither that acts nor the action itself acts. He then moves to the Union with the fruits of the action. In previous occasions Lord Krishna says that union of body, mind, intellect and senses leads to renunciation. Here He says even that is not enough. Finally He says it is the nature that acts. Nature here refers to the God who created this universe.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
The important thing that we need to know here is the nature and its link with the fruits of action. Many of us think that going to temples, helping people, doing meditation etc will give us moksha. All these are referred to as agencies. They are called as agencies because it is through them only one can attain moksha. Just knowing about the agency and doing that act is not sufficient. The other way that people usually attain moksha is by not attaching themselves to the work they do. That also is not sufficient. But previously we discussed that these two methods give us moksha. Now why are we deviating from that?
The answer is we are not really deviating. We do attain moksha though acts committed by different agencies like meditation, serving, acquiring knowledge etc. It is also true that we attain moksha by not bound by the fruits of the action and by bring union of body and soul. But all that is not enough. There should be something which triggers all these thoughts and lay the foundations for our actions. That is nature. Nature here means God. It is God who decides who should do these acts and only those who have the mandate of God to do these actions will be successful. Sounds confusing?
Let me explain.
Who doesn’t want moksha? Everyone wants it. When everyone wants it, whoever learns the methodology of attaining moksha will do those things to attain it. But almost all of them fail. Why is it so? It is because, whatever you do, you need to have the support of nature. Nature here means God. If the support of God is not there, then one must think that it is not the right time for him to go for moksha. He needs to wait, acquire more knowledge and spend more births preparing for it. Finally a day will come, when God will be pleased with your efforts and He will directly show you the way to attain salvation and that happens only by these actions. But the difference is, this time you have the support of God for these actions.