Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 7


Kaangkshantah karmanaam siddhim yajanta iha devataah;
Kshipram hi maanushe loke siddhir bhavati karmajaa.


Those who long for success in action in this world sacrifice to the gods,
because success is quickly attained by men through action.


After shlokas that talked about salvation Lord Krishna shifts his attention back to attaining success through actions. He says that those people who want success in life offer sacrifices to Gods. They have a feeling that offering sacrifice to Gods will please the Gods and that will bring them the success. Lord Krishna also adds here that the process of success can be speeded up only by dong necessary actions and one such action in them is sacrifice. So, this shloka in a way links sacrifice to success.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What is sacrifice? Is sacrifice one of the actions? And if so, can sacrifice speed up the success? The answers to these questions is critical and important. Sacrifice is giving away something that you like the most or you are addicted to, the most. But, when we say sacrifice people usually think about giving animal sacrifices to Gods and Goddesses. But that is not the real meaning of sacrifice. If you want to achieve something and that something requires you to give up a thing you like the most, then giving it up without regretting it is called sacrifice.

Sacrifice is an action because, when you dont do something, then that is also an action. That is called inaction in action, because you would do something else instead of that. Taking previous example, a person giving up watching movies and using that time to prepare for his exams is a sacrifice. Here he is sacrificing movies for studies. That sacrifice always speeds up success because actions altered is acts mastered. So, mastery of any act leads to success.

But these days, people equate it to sacrificing animals, performing rituals, giving alms or doing charity work all these are considered to be ways and means in which we please Gods to speed up our success. But we forget the fact that God watches our actions and the intensions and if they are not proper or sincere, then whatever other sacrifices you do, success can never be attained. This is something most people fail to understand and that is the reason why there very less number of successful people in this World.