Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 6


Veetaraagabhayakrodhaa manmayaa maam upaashritaah;
Bahavo jnaana tapasaa pootaa madbhaavam aagataah.


Freed from attachment, fear and anger, absorbed in Me, taking refuge in Me,
purified by the fire of knowledge, many have attained to My Being.


Talking further about attaining moksha, Lord Krishna reveals more facts about a person who can attain moksha. He says that a person who desires for salvation should first free from all the other attachments, fear and anger. Then he should absorb himself in Me (me here refers to the spiritually higher soul) and should completely surrender himself to Me. But doing so continuously birth after birth, the soul gets purified by the power of knowledge and wisdom. Such a person would finally attain Moksha.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

How does one attain salvation? It is through surrender. The process of surrender is difficult to understand. We all surrender to God and touch his feet and worship. And we do it many times in a year. Then why we dont attain moksha? It is because surrender is a continuous process and it involves spirituality and spiritual elevation. A spiritually low person even if he prostrates everyday infront of God also, cannot understand the significance nor the secret of the supreme energy of God. But if we look at sages like Annamacharya, Lord Himself comes to him to bless him with Moksha.

The act of surrender starts with surrendering to a person who is spiritually higher than you. He blesses with spirituality and then the journey towards moksha starts. In his present life and in the next many lives the surrender continues and many people also surrender to him attaining higher spiritual level. In this process he also grows spiritually and he also elevates many people to a spiritually higher levels. From a Guru he becomes a rushi and finally a bramharshi, going higher and higher on a spiritual plane. Ultimately a stage will come where he encounters his soul with the supreme power ie God and that will be his final surrender. And that surrender is nothing but moksha.