Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 3


Ajopi sannavyayaatmaa bhootaanaam eeshwaropi san;
Prakritim swaam adhishthaaya sambhavaamyaatmamaayayaa.


Though I am unborn and of imperishable nature, and though I am the Lord of all beings,
yet, ruling over My own Nature, I am born by My own Maya.


In this shloka Lord Krishna tells the reason why He took so many births, being a God. Lord Krishna describes his nature to be of unborn and imperishable. It means God can never be born anywhere or His body can never be dead. God, as Lord Krishna describes in this verse is the Lord of all the living beings in this World. But in spite of all this, Lord Krishna has overturned the entire nature to be born in this World in the human form. He is born in this World by his own maya. That means Lord Krishna used his maya on himself to be born in this World.

Extending the Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

In this verse Lord Krishna talks about the “avataars” that He takes. We all know that Lord Krishna is one of the avtaar of Maha Vishnu. The question here is why does Lord comes to this World by taking different avtaars. It is to take the dharma forward. In the last 4 yugas Maha Vishnu has taken 10 avataras. In Satya Yug there were 4 avataars, in Treta yug 3 avataars, in Dwapara Yug 1 avatar and Kali yug 2 avataar. Here is the list of 10 avataars. 1.Matsya 2.Kurma 3.Varaha 4.Narasimha 5.Vamana 6.Parashurama 7.Rama 8.Krishna 9.Buddha 10.Kalki

Vishnu came to this World in Matsya avataar or fish form to save people from the great deluge after which He takes his boat to a new World with Manu and other blessed species. He takes the Kurma or Tortoise form to save the Meru mountain which started sinking when Devas and Rakshasas were churning the Ocean to get Amrit. Lord Vishnu came as a tortoise and took all the weight of meru parvat on this shell. He took Varaha avataar to save the World from Hiranyaksha, a deadly demon who was out to destroy the entire humanity. The 4th and last avataar in Satya yug was Narasimha avataar. Its a half lion and half human form taken to save his favorite disciple Prahalad from death. Prahlad restored peace on the World.

The 5th avataar of Vishnu and the 1st avataar in Treta yug was Vamana avtaar. Lord Krishna took vamana form to save Indra who got defeated by Bali. After defeating Indra, bali became the ruler of the world. Bali was a rakshasa who will now rule devas. Vamana is a dwarf who goes to bali as a begging brahmin. Bali asks him what he want and vamana says he wants 3 feet of land. Bali immediately agrees. The vamana grows in size and attains gigantic proportions and the first foot occupied the entire land and the 2nd foot the entire the universe. Bali offers his head for the 3rd foot and vamana crushes Bali and restores Indra as the King.

Two more avataars in Treta yuga were Parashurama who is a sage who is angry but gave a great amount of knowledge to this World and Rama who gave peace and prosperity to his citizens. In Dwapara Yuga Vishnu comes back in his 8th Avataar as Krishna and preaches wisdom through Bhagavad Gita. Then in Kali yug Lord Vishnu comes into this World as Buddha and preaches the message of peace. Kalki is the 10th and last avtaar of Vishnu who will appear at the end of Kali Yug. Thus every avtaar of Vishnu has restored some order in the nature and taught valuable lessons to humanity.