Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 9


Na maam karmaani limpanti na me karmaphale sprihaa;
Iti maam yo’bhijaanaati karmabhir na sa badhyate.


Actions do not taint Me, nor have I a desire for the fruits of actions.
He who knows Me thus is not bound by action


After the evolution of the caste system and how a person attains a particular caste, Lord Krishna has now turned his attention to the actions and the fruits it bears. We all know that every action has a result and Lord Krishna here says that being the Lord of the Universe, no action can affect him which means, He cannot be held accountable for any of His actions. He also says that He is not desiring any fruits for the actions that He has committed. Lord Krishna advises Arjuna that anybody who knows Him and the way He looks at actions will also not bind themselves with actions.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Everyone tells us to works without expecting any results. We would have heard this a lot of times. Is it really possible to do works without expecting any fruits or results from that action? For ordinary men it is not possible. The motivating factor for any action itself is the fruit of it. Why do parents ask us to study hard? It is to get a good job. If getting a good job is the fruit of studying, which is the action, can anyone study without expecting a job out of their studies? Is it acceptable? If it is not, then what is the right path?

It is true that education gives us employment, but employment should not be the motivating factor for education. You have to study, because you have chosen to study. If you dont want to study, want to play cricket and want to become a cricketer, you can also do that. so, what you choose is in your hands. So, if you choose something, you should not expect the fruits of it. That means, how you study, how much seriousness you show, is judged by God and depending on that God alone gives you the fruits of your actions.

Can you say that since am writing the exam, I should correct my exam papers and give marks for myself? If you say that, it sounds foolish. So in the similar way, how can you ask for the results that you want for the actions that you are doing? Every action that you do is the result of learning you get and the action you do is like an examination. God alone has the power to judge our performance and award the fruits or the results of our actions. We do not have any right on them. A person who knows this truth will never expect anything in return for the actions he does. He simply keeps doing his duties and performing actions.