Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 29


Tasmaad ajnaanasambhootam hritstham jnaanaasinaatmanah;
Cchittwainam samshayam yogam aatishthottishtha bhaarata.


Therefore, with the sword of knowledge of the Self cut as under the doubt of the self born of ignorance,
residing in thy heart, and take refuge in Yoga; arise, O Arjuna! Hari Om Tat Sat


This is the last sloka of the Gnana Yoga and here Lord Krishna talks about the greatness of knowledge over all the other ways of attaining salvation. He says that a person should take refuge in yoga to drive away the ignorance. He can only do that only when he takes the route of knowledge. Here Lord Krishna compares the knowledge to a sword. The sword cuts anything that comes on its way. Here the sword of knowledge cuts all self doubts born out of ignorance. Once that is done then a person gets into the refuge of yoga and that will give him the ultimate Salvation, in the name of om tat sat……

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This is something that one can only experience. You cannot explain by giving any example how a person can attain salvation using the knowledge. But what we can see is how things become clearer to us and how we cut through the layers of maya. The most important thing here is self doubt. Self doubt is because of ignorance. Let me talk about a person whom I know very well, who had a lot of doubt whether he can do finance or not. I have seen him going through this self doubt and how he has overcome all this and finally won over that self doubt and became a master of that subject. Even salvation is something which is similar to that.

That person, as I said was very much in doubt whether he can do finance or not. He started to sit through the classes and started understanding the subject. As he started to understand more and more confidence started developing in him. This confidence is like a sword. As the knowledge started growing the confidence started building up and finally it acquired the sharpness of a sword. And sword in a single moment cut off all the doubts that he had about learning the subject. Now you see how continuously pursuing knowledge in ourselves gives us the power to overcome the ignorance.

Once that ignorance is gone, that person stared to take up that subject like a yogi doing yoga. Here yoga means, transferring whatever he has learnt to other people. He, after learning the subject became a teacher of that subject himself and started teaching it to many more people giving them that confidence which will create hundreds of such swords that will cut ignorance from everyone. That is how one attains the proportions of Yoga and if he does that relentlessly till he removes the last person from his ignorance, automatically attains the Nirvana or salvation and goes into the abode of Hari om, the greatest energy of this Universe in the form of a tatva or matter which is as pure and divine as satya.