Chapter 4 Gnana Yoga Verse 11


Karmano hyapi boddhavyam boddhavyam cha vikarmanah;
Akarmanashcha boddhavyam gahanaa karmano gatih.


For, verily the true nature of action (enjoined by the scriptures) should be known,
also of forbidden action, and of inaction; hard to understand is the nature of action.


After talking about what is action and what is inaction in this shloka Lord Krishna focuses on the nature of the action and inaction. He says that one should first learn about the nature of action as mentioned in various scriptures. He also says that it is equally important to know what is forbidden action and the nature of inaction. Here forbidden action is that type of action which is prohibited and inaction is not doing the action that is supposed to be done. Finally Lord Krishna says that the most difficult to understand is the nature of action.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Success is a type of action, but that action should be right for that success to last longer. Let’s take Nirav Modi or Vijay Mallya or Lalit Modi or Mehul Chowksi as examples. All these people were once worshipped for the success they attained. Nirav Modi created an empire for himself in Jewellery business by opening stores across the World and is listed 85th in the list of Top 100 business men of India. Vijay Mallya is a business tycoon in Alcohol, sports and Airline businesses. Lalit Modi is the brain behind IPL, the league which is worth billions of dollars now and Mehul Chowksi is the head of Gitanjali Jewels which owns brands like Nakshatra and Gini brand of diamonds.

Where did these men went wrong? Why are all these great achievers in the dock and running away from the law and moved out of India? If their actions were all good then why are they on the wrong side of the law? Was there any forbidden action that they have committed? Here forbidden action is something which is an action that goes directly against your dharma. Or have they committed an inaction, which means not doing an action that should have been done. When we know what is action, forbidden action and inaction in detail, we will understand where these men went wrong and what is required for them to get things right again. Let’s wait and see what Lord Krishna has to say about these actions.