Chapter 3 Verse 9 – Karma Yoga


Yajnashishtaashinah santo muchyante sarva kilbishaih; Bhunjate te twagham paapaa ye pachantyaatma kaaranaat.


The righteous, who eat of the remnants of the sacrifice, are freed from all sins; but those sinful ones who cook food only for their own sake, verily eat sin


This shloka talks about the practice of sacrifice. Sacrifice in those days was considered as an important part of Aryan culture. Sacrifices of various kinds were performed those days for various benefit. One of the important sacrifices that time were the sacrifice of food. In this shloka Lord Krishna talks about what kind of food a person who has virtues will consume. He says that a person who has good virtues will eat the food that remained after the sacrifice. A sinner will only cook food for himself and will eat. That will keep him in sin all the time.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Why do we ask guests about food as soon as they enter our home? It is because food is not for yourself, its for others. If you eat food in the last, after offering to everyone you will be a person who gets lot of good karma. It is because whenever you give food wholeheartedly to someone, they feel hearty and bless you. All those blessings are positive omens which will add to your good karma.


Those who only think of themselves and their stomach without bothering about others are the biggest sinners. You should always serve food to others before serving yourself. That is equal to sacrifice today. The sacrifice you are making is offering the food to a soul. And if that soul is a evolved soul then offering food to such people will free you from all sins. If you think of yourselves and eat the food all by yourself then it brings you sin!