Chapter 3 Karma Yoga Verse 28


Tasmaat twam indriyaanyaadau niyamya bharatarshabha;
Paapmaanam prajahi hyenam jnaana vijnaana naashanam.


Therefore, O best of the Bharatas, Arjuna, controlling the senses first,
do thou kill this sinful desire, the destroyer of knowledge and realisation


After talking about how the wisdom is covered by senses, Lord Krishna turns his attention to advising Arjuna how to control the senses. He says that Arjuna is a greatest of all Pandavas because of his valour and knowledge. Such a great person should control have control on his senses all the time. After the senses are under control then he should work towards killing the sinful desires in him. It is important to get rid of them because they are the ones which destroy the knowledge of a person and prevents him from getting the feeling of the realisation of soul. So, once the desires are under control, a person can automatically get into the stage of realisation.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The main point to note here is how desires prevent us from getting knowledge and in realisation of our dreams. When you are a child, you have lot of dreams. You want to become a pilot or a teacher or a doctor. But as you grow older, you start rejecting these dreams because you will be overtaken by desires which prompts you to enjoy life and in that enjoyment you forget your dreams. It is only after years of living in the sinful world of desires you will realise that you have totally ignored your goals and you have wasted your life.

As a child when you see a doctor treating an ill person and make him healthy, you also want to become a doctor like him. It actually doesn’t mean that you should only become a doctor. It means that you want to serve the society. As your knowledge increases with age, you will find out that being doctor is not the only way to serve the society and there are many other ways and means. That helps you in discovering your path and goal. For that to happen one should not be under the influence of desires. Once he is out of them he will realise his dreams through the knowledge he acquires.