Chapter 3 Karma Yoga Verse 24


Indriyasyendriyasyaarthe raagadweshau vyavasthitau;
Tayor na vasham aagacchet tau hyasya paripanthinau.


Attachment and aversion for the objects of the senses abide in the senses;
let none come under their sway, for they are his foes.


In this shloka Lord Krishna talks about the state of mind that one should have when performing actions. He says that there should neither be an attachment or an aversion to the senses. It is because if you are attached to senses then your actions are influenced. If you have aversion or dislike for the senses also, it affects your actions. One should not allow any of the objects of senses to come under the influence of attachment or aversion. He says that the attachment is the biggest enemy that will force us to be biased in our actions.

Extending the Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

When someone tells you not to get attached to the senses while performing the task, how would you approach the task? You would approach the task with a dislike to the senses. You will think that these 5 senses that you have are the disturbances to your spirituality, ultimately developing a dislike towards them. It is a wrong thing to do. It is abecause aversion is the opposite to attachment. Like the way you should not do anything by attaching yourself to senses, you should not do anything by disliking the senses.

Imagine how it would be, if you do not like the eyes you see, the ears you hear and the tongue you taste. That would mean you develop a dislike to everything in life and that would mean you lose interest in life. A person who cannot like his own senses can never walk on the spiritual path. He will not like what he sees nor likes what he eats. That means he starts hating his body and the soul will never like the body being hated. Thus one should approach the actions with the sense of neutrality and that alone will help a person in attaining spirituality.