Chapter 3 Sloka 2 – Karma Yoga


Vyaamishreneva vaakyena buddhim mohayaseeva me;
Tadekam vada nishchitya yena shreyo’ham aapnuyaam.


With these apparently perplexing words you confusest, as it were, my understanding;
therefore, tell me that one way for certain by which I may attain bliss.


Continuing from the previous verse of confusion between knowledge and action, Arjuna continues his question to Lord Krishna. He says that oh Lord, you talked about the superiority of knowledge over the action. But now you are also asking me to perform the actions. That means you are asking me to do an action which is inferior. You are my Lord and when you say these words they create confusion in me. Apart from being confused am also worried whether am on the right path or not. So, can you please advise me on the path that I should take from here, so that I can attain eternal bliss? These are the words that Arjuna asks Lord Krishna.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This is very much similar to what you have read yesterday. Yesterday’s comment was on the superiority of knowledge over the actions and today it is all about confusion and attaining eternal bliss. Many a times, we are confused between action and inaction. A person who is less on knowledge will do all the actions that is told to him. He does not question and he will be obedient. He also does lot of actions that are not told to him also, by his own will. Thus his whole life goes in doing things that were told and not told to him at all. He is not bothered about the results it gives and always expect the result he wants from his actions.

But as the knowledge of the person increases, he actions done by him also decreases. First he spends time in acquiring knowledge than doing unnecessary and irrelevant things. Second, before doing any action he thinks a lot. Both make him a wise person. A knowledgeable person takes responsibility of all his actions and stand by them. But the problem here is different. It is about doing or not doing an action and opting out of that action to acquire more knowledge and become more wiser. Let’s see how Lord Krishna resolves this issue!