Chapter 3 Verse 14 – Karma Yoga


Tasmaad asaktah satatam kaaryam karma samaachara;
Asakto hyaacharan karma param aapnoti poorushah.


Therefore, without attachment, always perform action which should be done;
for, by performing action without attachment man reaches the Supreme.


In this shloka Lord Krishna shifts his attention to how one should perform his actions. Here Lord Krishna talks about doing an action that should be done. The previous shlokas tells us how to decide which action is desirable to be done. Once it is decided that an action should be done, then that action should be performed without any kind of attachment. Only when the person does that action without getting attached to it, then only he will reach the supreme. Here reaching supreme means attaining salvation.

Extending the Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This is a very important shloka that we need to take note of. This shloka has two lines. The first line is about doing an action that should be done without any attachment. That means whatever work you do, you need to do without attachment. Play the cricket match to give your best, winning it or not is not in your hands. But giving best is always in your hand. If you do that you will not be affected by the result of the game. If you play only to win, and if you don’t win then it will give rise to misery and anger which are destructive emotions.

The second part of the shloka talks about the person who does action without attachment attaining the state of Supreme. If we take the example forward, the team which plays cricket to give its best and enjoy, over the period of time collects lots of wins under its belt and will be called as the best team in the World. This position can be kept only when it performs the actions without attachment. The moment attachment to the result comes, pressure builds up and as pressure builds we make mistakes which lead to losses. This if we understand clearly, we can become the best Cricket team in the World in all 3 formats of the game.