Chapter 3 Sloka 7 – Karma Yoga


Yastwindriyaani manasaa niyamyaarabhate’rjuna;
Karmendriyaih karmayogam asaktah sa vishishyate.


But whosoever, controlling the senses by the mind, O Arjuna,
engages himself in Karma Yoga with the organs of action, without attachment, he excels!


In this shloka Lord Krishna is talking about the person who does action without any attachment to it. He says that the first step towards it controlling of the senses by the mind. It means that the person should use his willpower to control the urges of different senses and needs to keep his mind stable. The next step according to Lord Krishna is he should engage himself into karma yoga or his duty bound work with out any attachment. Only such kind of people excel in their lives, says Lord Krishna.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The key of this verse is Karma yoga and performing his duties unattached. What do you mean by Karma Yoga. Karma means actions and Karma yogi is the one who performs his actions. Now, how should be those actions? Every minute we perform many actions. For example, am writing the interpretation of Gita now. This is also a Karma. But you have to do it without attachment. That means when you do a work without expecting any result out of it then its called unattached work. But is it possible?

It is possible. Everyday I write and post Gita. I do it for myself, because I have taken it as a Karma to be performed. I am not bothered as to how many people read it and I am not attached to the fact that many people should read my work. If my focus is that, then I would not have written nearly 50 shlokas so far. The only thing I think is, God wakes me up every morning to post a new verse of Gita and that is my karma. so I need to perform it without bothering about the result nor getting attached to the result. Only that feeling helps you to grow and only such work brings excellence and such people excel. This is the secret I discovered while reading the Gita!